Adorable ‘Bee Mine’ Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Oh for goodness sake. These ‘Bee Mine’ Valentine’s Day cards for kids are so adorable, aren’t they? Who needs to buy Valentine’s from the store when you can create much cuter cards on your own ? Sweet Pea and I had a great time making these cuties. Plus, I was able to combine my two crafting loves: crafts for kids and paper crafting. Check out the tutorial below to make them yourself!

valentines day cards for kids

‘Bee Mine’ Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

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Materials Needed

valentines day cards for kids

How to Make the ‘Bee Mine’ Cards

  • The first thing you need to do is paint the mini wooden craft sticks. This will go super fast and is an easy way to get even super young kids involved in making the Valentine’s. We used a dot paint marker and the paint was dry within 10 minutes.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Once the paint dries, use a fine tip paint brush to paint the whites of the eyes on the craft stick with white acrylic paint. You are basically painting two small circles. Note: you could skip this step and use googly eyes. However, in painting their eyes on by hand, each bee took on a different ‘personality.’

valentines day cards for kids

  • After another 10 minutes or so, the whites of the eyes will be dry. At that point, use the black sharpie and red sharpie to draw on the bee’s stripes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. Tip: for the bee stripes, I made the bottom stripe a little thicker. Also, I really liked making the bee mouth a little heart, since we were making Valentine’s Day cards and all.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Next, cut a 2-3″ heart out of the black cardstock or foam sheet. Turn the heart upside down and glue it to the back of the bee body with craft glue.
  • For the card base, fold a sheet of yellow cardstock in half and use a paper cutter to cut it in half. Fold each half in half. One sheet of cardstock will make two cards. Once you fold the cardstock half in half, turn in so the card opens vertically (the opening will be on the right hand side of the card).
  • Use a corner punch to round the upper right and lower right corners of the card.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Use the large heart punch to punch out two red hearts and two pink hearts. Use the sharpie or black marker to write ‘Bee’ on one of the red hearts, and Mine on the second red heart.
  • In the upper right corner of the card base, draw the bee antennae. Position the craft stick bee so that the antennae pop out the top of the bee head, and lightly mark the bottom of the bee body. Lift the craft stick bee body up and draw the bee stinger onto the card base.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Use either craft glue of paper crafting dimensionals to stick the crafts stick bee body to the card so that the antennae pop out the top and the stinger pops out the bottom. Tip: I tried the craft glue for the first card.. way too messy. The dimensionals are definitely the way to go.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Use the tape runner (or double sided tape) to stick the pink hearts on the left hand side of the card.
  • When putting the red heart on the card there are two choices. You can either use the tape runner and stick the red heart on top of the pink heart, but off set a little bit. Or, if you want the red heart to pop a little more, stick the heart on top of the pink heart with dimensionals. I really prefer the way the card looks with the dimensionals.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Once the bee and hearts are on the card, take the dot stamp and black StazOn ink to stamp a trail of dots. If you don’t have a dot stamp (or a similar stamp), you could always draw the dots on free hand with the black marker.

valentines day cards for kids

  • Write or stamp whatever sentiment you want on the inside of the card.

Tip: If you make a ‘mistake’ don’t worry about it. As a friend of mine always says, ‘There are no crafting mistakes. There are only crafting opportunities.’ Besides, this is the endearing nature of a homemade card. They aren’t supposed to be perfect, right?

valentines day cards for kids

So, didn’t these ‘Bee Mine’Valentine’s Day cards for kids so incredibly adorable? I can’t wait for Sweet Pea to pass these cuties out at her school in a few weeks!

Thanks for checking out the blog today and have a great one!

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