Tips on How to Handle Childcare Drop-Off Separation Anxiety

Do you struggle with daycare drop-off? Have you ever been impacted by separation anxiety from your young kid when you drop them off in the morning? Well, then you must check out my guest post today on Growing Hands On Kids. I am thrilled to join the GHOK community today to talk about how to ease transitions and minimize separation anxiety.

daycare drop off separation anxiety

Tips on How to Handle Childcare Drop-Off Separation Anxiety

Here is a post excerpt!

As soon as we approached her classroom, she started wailing: full on, thermo-nuclear screaming. My 2-year old gave the performance of a lifetime, intended for an audience of one: me. I left her school on the verge of tears myself. As I tried to regain my own composure before heading off to the demands of work, I was flooded both with doubts about my life choices, and anxiety about the mental anguish I was putting my little girl through.

The quickest way to become consumed with ‘working Mom guilt’ is to attempt daycare drop-off with a toddler.

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