Love Potion Kids Valentines Card Idea (FREE Printable Tag!)

Love Potion Kids Valentines Card Idea (FREE Printable Tag!)

Love is in the air!

So, sure– for kids, gushy mushy feelings of love are probably not where it’s at. I mean, many kids prefer Valentines that are more about friendship instead of romantic love. Regardless, this Love Potion Kids Valentines Card idea is just too cute to not consider. 

And who knows? Maybe if your child has a secret crush on a special someone in 1st grade (ha!), one sip from this special ‘love potion’ could make them both twittapated. It’s a sweet concept anyway.

Love Potion Kids Valentines Idea

How to set up this cute Valentine’s Day idea

This FREE Printable Valentine would work great with any type of juice. So, if you didn’t want to send your kid to school with 25 sugar laden juice boxes– you could opt for a healthier option. 

And either way, it’s not candy.. so score 1 for Mom!

Just grab some red ribbon (you probably have some leftover from Christmas). Punch two holes in the tag, one on either side. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie it around the juice box.

That’s it! Easy peasy.. and such a super cute idea for Valentine’s Day.

This would be the perfect idea for your kids to bring to a classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Here is a closer look at the printable Valentine.

Love Potion Kids Valentines Card

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Love Potion FREE Printable Valentine for Kids

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