15 Fun Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

15 Fun Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

If you love Halloween fun but hate all the candy, check out these fun Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy! Some really fantastic ideas your kids will love!

Halloween is such a fun time of year! And while I’m sure your kid’s favorite part about the holiday is all the candy they receive, that aspect of Halloween is probably your least favorite part.

If you’re hoping to reduce the amount of sugar your kids eat after Halloween, finding cute Halloween treats that aren’t candy is a must. These 15 candy-free treats are a great alternative to sweet treats this Halloween.

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

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Wind Up Toys

Featuring 15 different Halloween characters, these cute Halloween wind-up toys are a great choice for a candy-free Halloween treat this year. Simply turn the crank on the side to make the toys walk and shake their head.

LED Bracelets

With these cute Halloween LED bracelets, your kids can add to their Halloween costumes and have a little extra light as they walk through the dark while trick or treating. Each bracelet features a cute Halloween character, including a pumpkin, ghost, cat, or spider, on an elastic bracelet band. And they can easily be turned on and off with the push of a button.

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

Bouncy Balls

Kids love playing with bouncy balls. That makes them a perfect candy-free Halloween treat! Each of these Halloween-themed balls features a cute Halloween character, like a spider, ghost, or jack o lantern face.

Halloween Glasses

Halloween is all about dressing up in a fun costume. Help your kids add to their costume this year by giving them a pair of silly Halloween glasses instead of candy. This set of glasses includes six different designs – bats, pumpkins, crabs, spiderwebs, butterflies, and skeletons.

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Foam Masks

With this set of foam masks, your kids can change up their Halloween costume throughout the day. They also make playing pretend just a little more fun on Halloween! This big set of masks includes 12 unique designs, including a bat, vampire, pumpkin, witch, and ghost, among others.

Stretchy Skeletons

These cute brightly colored stretch skeletons are sure to keep your kids entertained this Halloween. Constructed of durable rubber, your kids can stretch and pull these fun skeletons without worrying about breaking them.

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

Vampire Teeth

This classic Halloween treat never gets old! Your kids will have a blast playing with their own pair of plastic vampire teeth this Halloween. And since they come in a variety of colors and styles, they’re sure to find a pair they love.

Punch Balloons

All you have to do is inflate these cute Halloween punch balloons to provide your kids with hours of fun on Halloween. The rubber band on the end of the balloon allows them to punch and kick the balloon without damaging it, making it a great toy for celebrating Halloween without the need for candy.



With a set of Halloween bookmarks, your kids can be reminded of the fun they had this Halloween each time they open their book. Featuring six different designs, this set of Halloween bookmarks is constructed of high-quality vinyl, so they’re sure to hold up through a variety of stories.

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

Halloween Stamps

Stamps are another great candy-free option to give your kids this Halloween. This big set of Halloween stamps includes 25 different Halloween themed patterns, which means your kids are sure to have tons of fun stamping their very own Halloween designs. They can use them to stamp on paper or create Halloween temporary tattoos.

Ring Toss Game

Give your kids a candy-free gift and a fun game to play this Halloween with this cute inflatable ring toss game. The game features a spider and 12 rings to play with, which means your kids will have tons of fun with this cute Halloween treat!

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Slap Bracelets

Featuring fun Halloween designs, this set of slap bracelets is a great choice when searching for Halloween treats that aren’t candy. The bracelets are constructed of high-quality PVC and flexible metal, then wrapped in a plastic coating to make them safe for kids to use. And the cute holiday designs are sure to be a hit among your kids.

Halloween Glow Sticks

Glow stickers are always a great choice for Halloween. On top of being fun to play with, they also help keep your kids safe while trick or treating by providing them with a little extra light throughout the night. But what makes these Halloween glow sticks special is the fun Halloween toppers that come with them. You can enhance your glow sticks with a star, axe, skull, sword, trident, or pumpkin to give it some Halloween flair.

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

Halloween Bracelets

Wish your kids a Happy Halloween without candy by giving them these cute Halloween bracelets. Each silicone bracelet features one of seven Halloween designs.

Halloween Bag

You’re going to need a place to store all your kid’s candy free Halloween treats! This adorable canvas bag is a fun way to package your kid’s treats. But it also makes a great gift in itself. Featuring a cute Halloween design, this fun Halloween bag is a great choice for a candy free gift idea this Halloween.

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