10 Must-Have Supplies for Making Christmas Cookies with Your Kids

10 Must-Have Supplies for Making Christmas Cookies with Your Kids

If you are baking Christmas cookies with your kids this holiday season, you have to check out these must have supplies for making Christmas cookies with your kids!

Making Christmas cookies with your kids is a great way to enjoy time together at home during the holidays. But if you’ve ever tried to bake with your kids, you know that it can sometimes be a difficult – and messy – undertaking. One of the best ways to simplify family baking is to ensure your kids have everything they need before you get started.

With these kid-friendly baking supplies, your kids will have a blast making Christmas cookies with you during the holiday season.

must have supplies for making christmas cookies

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Cookie Cutters

You can’t make Christmas cookies without cookie cutters! But traditional cookie cutters can sometimes be difficult for kids to use – especially metal cookie cutters. Metal cookie cutters are the best way to cut your cookie dough, but they’re not great for little hands to use. With their sharp edges, regular metal cookies cutters can hurt your kids’ hands when they press the shapes into the dough.

With this set of stainless steel cookie cutters with a comfort grip, you get the ease of metal cookie cutters without the sharp edges. The plastic mold surrounding the top of these cookie cutters will protect your kid’s hands as they press the shapes into the dough. And with 12 different Christmas designs, you can be sure there’s a shape for every type of cookie your kids want to make in this set.

making christmas cookies with your kids

Rolling Pins

Your kids will need to roll out their cookie dough before they start cutting. Adult-sized rolling pins are often too big and heavy for kids to use. But with the help of these kid-friendly rolling pins, your little ones can easily roll out the cookie dough before they start cutting.

This set of silicone rolling pins includes a large and mini rolling pin, making it great for all kinds of baking projects. The silicone roller helps prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin. And the wood handles make it easy for your kid to grip the pin as they’re rolling out the dough.

Christmas Cookie Pan

Skip the need for cookie cutters altogether with the help of a Christmas cookie pan. This handy nonstick pan features three different holiday designs perfect for creating delicious Christmas cookies without the need to roll or cut. This option is perfect for families with young kids who want to skip the mess of rolling the dough and get to the fun part of decorating the cookies when they’re finished baking.

making christmas cookies with your kids

Baking Utensils

Larger kitchen utensils can be difficult for kids to handle, making it hard for them to use while baking. With the help of this kid-size baking utensil set, your kid will have all the tools they need to get baking! The kids baking utensil set includes a mini whisk, spatula, scraper, and basting brush – the perfect set of tools for making Christmas cookies.

Mixing Bowls

Bowls are essential to making delicious cookies for Christmas. When looking for good mixing bowls for kids, be sure to chose a set that has a no-slip bottom. The silicone lining along the bottom of these stainless steel bowls ensure they won’t tip over while your kids are stirring and mixing, helping you prevent a big mess from happening while you make cookies with your kids.

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Christmas Apron

Get your kids in the holiday spirit and protect their clothes from baking messes with the help of cute Christmas aprons! This fun kid-size holiday themed apron is perfect for making holiday baking even more fun during the Christmas season.

Icing Tool

Using piping bags and tips isn’t a great idea for kids because they can be difficult to use. But with the help of this icing tool, your kids can decorate all your Christmas cookies with ease. Simply fill the icing container with your favorite frosting, add a tip to the end, and let your kids have fun decorating all your Christmas cookies with icing.

Christmas Sprinkles

You can’t decorate Christmas cookies without sprinkles! Make sure to have plenty of fun Christmas sprinkles ready for your kids to use while decorating cookies for Santa. A variety pack of sprinkles is a great way to ensure you have plenty of cookie decorations for your kids to choose from.

making christmas cookies with your kids

Edible Markers

Make decorating your Christmas cookies even easier with the help of edible markers. Your kids can use these markers to decorate your Christmas cookies without the need for icing at all. Simply write directly on the cookie with the markers to add fun designs to each of your Christmas cookies.


Kitchen Step Stool

It can be difficult for young kids to reach the kitchen counter to help out with holiday baking. And while you could use a regular step stool to help your kid stand taller while baking, those stools are often unstable and unsafe. Make sure your kids are safe while they stand at the counter and help you bake cookies this Christmas with a kitchen step stool for kids. This kitchen step stool features three adjustable heights, allowing it to grow with your child so you can use it for years to come.

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