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6 Simple Ways Your Kids Can Help Decorate for Christmas

6 Simple Ways Your Kids Can Help Decorate for Christmas

If you want to get your kids in the Christmas spirit but don’t want them to break ornaments, here are some simple ways your kids can help decorate for Christmas!

There are so many fun ways to create lasting memories during the holiday season. That means finding ways to get your kids involved in holiday traditions is essential. Since decorating for Christmas is such a big part of celebrating the holiday season, why not let your kids help out with the holiday decorating this year? Here are six simple ways your kids can help decorate your home for Christmas.

kids can help decorate for christmas

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Let Them Pick a New Decoration

When you’re out shopping for new Christmas decorations, give your kid a chance to pick a new piece of decor to add to your home. Let them look through the aisles to see what kind of decoration they want to add to your existing décor. When they pick something out, ask them where they want it to go inside your home.

And don’t forget to add it to the rest of your décor when you get home! Giving your child a chance to add to your Christmas decorations will get them excited about decorating for Christmas this year, making the entire process a little more fun for everyone in the family.

kids can help decorate for christmas

Hang the Ornaments on the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree can be so much fun for kids! Let your kids get in on the Christmas tree decorating fun by allowing them to hang ornaments on the tree. But before you start handing ornaments for your kids to hang, consider these quick tips for hanging ornaments with kids:

Only give them unbreakable ornaments.

Make sure your kids are safe while they’re hanging ornaments by giving them unbreakable ornaments to hang. Your kids are sure to drop several ornaments while they attempt to hang them on the tree, so make sure they don’t hurt themselves on broken glass by only allowing them to hang ornaments that can’t be broken.

Save the special ornaments for the adults.

Since kids can accidently break the ornaments by dropping them, it’s also important to set aside those special ornaments that have meaning. You wouldn’t want your kid to accidently break the ornament your grandma passed down to you while they try to hang it on the tree!

kids can help decorate for christmas


Tie ribbon around the top of the ornaments instead of using hooks.

In addition to being a choking hazard for younger kids, those little metal hooks that come on most Christmas ornaments are hard to use! Make things easier for your kids by tying a ribbon loop on the top of the ornaments so they’re simpler to hang.

Don’t be too picky about placement.

Hanging ornaments with your kids is supposed to be fun! Don’t get stressed about the way your kids are decorating the tree. Just let them hang the ornaments wherever they want. You can always go back and fix the placement after the kids go to bed if it really bothers you.

Let Them Make Ornaments

What could be more fun than crafting a special ornament for your Christmas tree? When you give your kids a chance to make ornaments for your tree, you get to spend time with them putting the craft together. And you get a special keepsake to hang on the tree from year to year. It’s a win-win! There are tons of festive ornament crafts your kids to could make, so this fun way to get your kids in on the Christmas decorating is sure to keep them busy for a while.

Here are some great ornaments kids can easily make:

kids can help decorate for christmas

Make Some Homemade Garlands

Garlands are another great way for your kids to help with the Christmas decorations. And there are so many great ways your kids can make their own garlands! Make a classic popcorn garland by threading pieces of popcorn on a string while you watch your favorite Christmas movie.

Or make some small salt dough ornaments and tie them together to create a fun Christmas garland. You can even create a paper link garland using construction paper or scrapbook paper to use as decoration. Once the garlands are done, hang them on the tree or display them on the mantle as part of your Christmas décor.

Decorate a Tree in the Kids’ Rooms

If you’re not willing to let your kids have control over decorating the main Christmas tree in your home, why not give them their own tree to decorate? You can set up a small tree in each of the kid’s rooms and allow them to decorate the tree however they want. That way, they can have fun decorating for Christmas without messing with your classic Christmas decorations.

kids can help decorate for christmas

Hang the Stockings

Your kids probably love getting their stockings down on Christmas morning to see what’s inside. Let them get the stockings ready for Santa by allowing them to hang the stockings as part of your decorating routine. Hand them the stocking and hold them up so they can reach the mantle and hang the stockings on the hook.

kids can help decorate for christmas


Once your Kids have helped decorate for Christmas, Check out These Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Cherish too!

Christmas traditions are some of the most powerful bonding opportunities for your family. I know the memories I made as a kid at Christmas-time are a strong anchor for me as an adult. 

There are so many ideas though. It’s hard to keep track, isn’t it? Well, these Christmas family traditions are fantastic. Hope you like these ideas!

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