8 Safer Alternatives to Fireworks This Summer

8 Safer Alternatives to Fireworks This Summer

If you are looking for safer alternatives to fireworks this summer, these ideas will be winners with you and your kids!

Fireworks may be a 4th of July tradition, but they’re not the best option for celebrating with kids. Since setting off fireworks requires fire, using fireworks during your Independence Day celebration can be pretty dangerous.

Luckily, there are several safer ways to celebrate this summer! If you’re searching for a different way to celebrate this year, check out these eight safer alternatives to fireworks.

safer alternatives to fireworks

Glow Sticks

glow sticks

One of the attractions of fireworks is that they light up the night, allowing you to extend your summer celebration into the evening. If you kids love playing in the dark, consider replacing the traditional fireworks with glow sticks. These fun glowing toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a great option for your next summer celebration.

Water Balloons

water balloons

Water balloons are a great option for any summer party. To make them more festive for the 4th of July, use red, white and blue balloons for your water balloon fight. Or fill the balloons with red and blue paint to have a messy celebration at your summer party.



Give your kids a chance to light up the yard without the use of fireworks with their own flashlights. Who knows – it might even turn into a fun game of flashlight tag!



This classic party favor is another great alternative to fireworks. In addition to giving your kids a chance to celebrate the summer holidays in a fun way, using confetti also gives your kids an excuse to make a mess. What could be better than that?



This classic birthday party tradition can also work well at your 4th of July party. Use a patriotic pinata filled with fun candy or party favors at your celebration. Taking turns trying to break open the pinata will be so much fun, your kids won’t even miss the fireworks!

Silly String

Another messy alternative to fireworks that your kids will love is silly string. And while traditional silly string is a great way to celebrate, using glow in the dark silly string for your 4th of July celebration will give your kids a chance to celebrate even after the sun goes down.

LED Balloons

LED Balloons

Light up the night sky during your 4th of July party with LED balloons. These cool balloons can be blown up with helium and glow in the dark thanks to a fun LED insert.



There’s no doubt that kids love bubbles. So why not give your kids bubbles to play with this summer instead of dangerous fireworks?

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