How to Have a Disney Themed Day at Home

How to Have a Disney Themed Day at Home

What happens at the parks doesn’t have to stay at the parks! Having a Disney-themed day at home is easier than you might think!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or can’t make it to the Disney parks, having a Disney Day at home can still be just as fun as a day at the park! If you have a household full of Disney lovers, then these ten ideas are perfect for making your day just as magical as a day in the parks! Here is how to have a Disney-themed Day at home.

Disney-Themed Day at Home

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Have a Disney Movie Marathon

There are so many Disney movies! Have everyone choose their favorite Disney movie and enjoy watching them all day long. If you’re up for a huge challenge, start with the first Disney movie and watch them until you have watched them all!

Make Your Own DIY Dole Whip at Home

Dole Whip is not as difficult to make as you might think! Dole even has put out a copycat recipe on their website! Whip up this iconic park treat at home!

Create a Disney Craft

There are so many great Disney crafts out there that go with all of your favorite Disney movies! Find one that works best for your family and spend the day crafting and making your own Disney creations.

Read a Disney Story

You can find Disney stories such as Alice in Wonderland and other favorites on Audible and
have them read to you, or you can pick up your favorite child’s story to read!

Make Disney Recipes at Home

Do you miss churros from Disneyland or your favorite dish from Tony’s in the Magic Kingdom? Lookup a copycat recipe! There are so many great ones out there that aren’t that hard to make.

Start Planning Your Next Disney Vacation

If you plan on taking a Disney vacation soon, start making preparations! You can start looking into resorts, restaurants, or even which rides you’d like to ride.

Take Virtual Rides of Your Favorite Disney Rides

There are so many great YouTube videos that have full Disney rides online! If you can’t go to the parks in person, you can still ride all of your favorite rides at home from your couch!

Play Disney Games

There are so many great Disney board games out there that can make your day so much fun! Even just adding a little Disney magic to a regular board game like Scrabble or Monopoly can make things so much better!

Dress Up as Disney Characters

Start your day off by dressing up as your favorite Disney character! Challenge your whole family to get creative with the items they have at home to make their own costumes.

Treat Your Family to Something from Disney

Just because you can’t go to Disney doesn’t mean you can’t get some Disney merch! You can find a cute mug or shirt on Amazon or Shop Disney to fulfill your Disney wishes until you can go back.

As you can see, you don’t need a park ticket to experience Disney magic! With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a day at Disney without ever leaving your house!

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