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The Best Disney Costumes for Kids that Aren’t Disney Princesses

The Best Disney Costumes for Kids that Aren’t Disney Princesses

These are the absolute best Disney costumes for kids that aren’t Disney princesses. Tons of great ideas!

If your child is Disney lover, then chances are you may be looking for a Disney-themed costume for Halloween! There are so many great costumes out there, many of which, are overshadowed by all the different Disney princess costumes. If you are considering skipping the princess costume this year, or are looking for something for your little boy who doesn’t want to go as a princess, there are still a ton of great options!

Many of these costumes are a way better value and some even have Prime shipping for those last-minute costumes! Here are the best Disney costumes for kids that aren’t Disney princesses.

disney costumes for kids that aren't princesses

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1. Uma Classic Descendants 2 Costume

It’s totally good to be bad with this awesome Descendants-themed costume!


2. Dory Costume


3. Bo Peep Costume

Do you think Woody will want to rescue Bo Peep and her sheep again?


4. Joy Costume

Your kid will love being this core emotion!


5. Jessie Costume

It’s a hoe-down and Jessie will wrangle up all the supplies!


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6. Daisy Duck Costume

Quack, quack! Donald Duck’s best girl is so sweet with this costume!


7. Simba Costume

It’s the circle of life… very ferocious!


8. Forky Costume

This quirky new friend for Woody and company is adorable.


9. Olaf Costume

He likes warm hugs… and his own personal flurry!


10. Mickey Mouse Costume

The most famous mouse in the world!



11. Tigger Costume

Does your kid have the energy of this fun tiger?!


12. Sally Costume

Edgy.. and yet so much fun!


13. Minnie Mouse Costume

Mickey’s gal pal and such a fun costume idea.


14. Mary Poppins Costume

Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.With this costume you are all set to jump into a sidewalk chalk drawing.


15. Violet Incredibles Costume

POW! Whiz! Bang! Tap into your inner superhero with this incredible costume.


16. Genie Costume

Just three wishes… choose well. 


17. Buzz Lightyear Costume

To infinity and beyond!


18. Woody Costume

The best toy hero ever! Such a fun costume too. 


19. Jack Skellington Costume

Perfect for Halloween!


20. Mad Hatter Costume

Don’t lose your marbles… this mad hatter just wants to have a tea party!


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