Making Fairy Dust

I know that is isn’t necessary to make every moment of my daughter’s life ‘magical.’ However, making fairy dust is such a simple and fun activity I just had to start the tradition with Sweet Pea. I can hardly think of a more whimsical way to welcome the arrival of Spring. Read on to find out how easy it is to make fairy dust and I hope you try this, as well as other activities for toddlers.

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

Activities for Toddlers: Making Fairy Dust

I actually got the idea to make fairy dust from my sister, who has does so many whimsical and enchanting activities with her daughter. So, starting this year, Sweet Pea and I will welcome Spring and christen our lawn with this special concoction… and who knows? Maybe by spreading fairy dust, a few fairies might actually show up and play this year!

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

How to Make Fairy Dust:

  • Fill a bowl 3/4 full with flour.
  • Add a container of sprinkles (or jimmies if you prefer).
  • Add glitter. We chose three colors of glitter.
  • Mix all the ingredients together.

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

What do you do with the Fairy Dust once you make it?

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

  • Grab some scoops and measuring cups.
  • Head outside!
  • At first I had to show Sweet Pea how to spread the fairy dust around the yard. She just wanted to dump flour on the lawn.
  • However, once I demonstrated how to scatter the flour around the yard, she got the hang of it.
  • Try to spread the fairy dust all around the yard. After all, you never know where the fairies will pop up!

Activities for Toddler Making Fairy Dust

Isn’t that easy? Doesn’t it sound like fun? We really had a great time playing around and I know we will welcome Spring by making fairy dust next year too!

Are you enchanted by fairies? Check out these ideas for creating fairy gardens and other outdoor play ideas:

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!

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  1. Thinking I might just have to make me some fairy dust for my yard! May have to add a little miracle grow in the mix to get Garden Fairies to help me out. Now…where is my glitter?

    Thanks for the whimsey of life!

    1. Ahhh, thanks Diane! You are always doing magical things.. I bet you don’t need miracle grow to get those Garden Fairies. 🙂