10 Household Items You Can Use for Kids Crafts

10 Household Items You Can Use for Kids Crafts

If you want to do arts and crafts projects with your kids, these are 10 household items you can use for kids crafts.

Making kids crafts is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. On top of being a great way for your kids to flex their creative muscles, crafting is also a great learning experience for your little ones.

And while it may seem like you need a variety of different craft supplies to make cute crafts for kids, I bet you have tons of amazing craft supplies at home already. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a variety of common household items into kid’s craft supplies. These 10 household items are some of my favorite supplies for kid’s crafts:

household items you can use for kids crafts

Household Items You Can Use for Kids Crafts

Paper Plates

Disposable tableware, like paper plates, bowls, and cups, is great for so many different crafts. Paper plates and bowls work well as a base for a craft, which can be decorated with paint or paper. Or you can use your paper plates to keep messy crafts under control. Use the plates or bowls as paint holders or as a barrier between your kid’s craft project and your kitchen table.

Baby Yoda Craft For Kids

Here are some great Paper Plate craft ideas:

Coffee Filters

In addition to helping you prepare your morning coffee each day, coffee filters also make great kids craft supplies. Whether you paint them, turn them into pretty flowers, or use them to create suncatchers, there are so many ways your kids can get creative with coffee filters.

Cardboard Tubes (Toilet Paper Rolls)

When you use the last of your paper towels or empty a roll of toilet paper, don’t throw away that cardboard tube! Those paper towel tubes and toilet paper rolls are perfect for kid’s crafting. You can use them to help sort your kid’s craft supplies, like paint brushes or pencils, or turn those cardboard rolls into a variety of cute crafts, from pinatas for your next party to cute rocket ships.

chick toilet paper roll craft

Here are some great Toilet Paper Roll Craft ideas:


Do you have some extra buttons lying around? Add them to your kid’s craft stash! Buttons are great for adding texture to a craft project, creating beautiful artwork, or simply adding eyes to an animal. No matter how you choose to use buttons in your kid’s craft, they always make a great addition to your selection of craft supplies.

Mother's Day Bottle Stamp Bag Crafts for Kids

Egg Cartons

Instead of tossing that empty egg carton when you run out of eggs, keep it for your next craft project. Egg cartons make great paint holders when your kids are designing their next masterpiece. Or you can cut the cartons up and use the them individually in different craft projects.

Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

Here are some great Egg Carton craft ideas:

Cookie Cutters

While cookie cutters are great for creating fun cookie shapes in the kitchen, they’re also perfect for a variety of kid’s craft projects. Grab some cookie cutters when your kids are playing with Play-doh or clay so they can easily create fun shapes. Use the cookie cutters when painting to make fun designs on the paper. Or grab some colored pencils and use the cookie cutters for tracing unique shapes on paper.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is used in the bathroom on a regular basis, but did you know it also makes a great addition to your craft supply collection? Make designing artwork or painting pictures a little more fun by adding shaving cream to the mix. In addition to giving your kids a chance for some messy sensory play, shaving cream is also a fun way to create unique works of art, dye eggs, and making your own science experiments at home.

Check out how to make easy shaving cream paint!

shaving cream paint flower crafts for kids


The next time you head to the grocery store, why not grab a couple extra boxes of pasta for your next craft project? Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. And in addition to being a staple in the kitchen, it’s also great for making tons of fun craft projects. Use dry pasta to make fun 3D pictures on paper or create unique jewelry using paint and yarn. Or cook the pasta and use it in sensory play. You can even use cooked noodles for painting! 

Check out this easy way to make pasta beads

dyed pasta bead necklace crafts for kids

Cotton Swaps and Balls

From applying your makeup to cleaning your ears, cotton has tons of great uses in the bathroom. But you can also use those small cotton balls and cotton swabs when you’re making kid’s crafts. Both cotton items are great for painting. Use cotton balls to create dot patterns on your artwork or use cotton swabs in place of a paint brush. And in addition to painting, cotton balls and swabs also help to add texture to your projects when you’re crafting fluffy animals or snowmen.

This Cotton Ball Heart Painting is Classic!

Water Bottles

After you finish a bottle of water or soda, don’t throw it in the trash! Bottles are another great household item you can recycle into a variety of fun kid’s crafts and activities. From creating cool science experiments to crafting tools for helping your kids calm down, there are so many great ways you can use plastic bottles for kid’s crafts. 

Make this lovely flower bag for Mother’s Day or any other occasion!

Mother's Day Bottle Stamp Bag Crafts for Kids

Check out these quick guides on getting crafty with your kids:

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