Energy Busting Indoor Games For Kids

Energy Busting Indoor Games For Kids

Bust that stir crazy energy with these fun indoor games for kids! Your kids will not be bored inside with these games!

Whether the weather outside is just plain bad, or you just need a fun way for your kids to burn off a little bit of energy indoors, having these activities on hand will be a lifesaver! Kids always have so much energy, and if they’re stuck inside all day, they don’t get a chance to burn off all that energy.

These indoor games are perfect for hyper kids who need to blow off some energy during the day! These are so fun and even have a little learning mixed in too! Here are the best energy busting indoor games to play with your kids.

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1. Easy Fitness Fun

Your kids will have a blast with this unique combination of hands-on fun and exercise challenges.

2. Build a Cardboard Slide on the Stairs

A cardboard Stair Slide is super fun, and it uses up your extra cardboard!

3. Yoga Movement Die

Get the kids moving with these yoga movement dice.

4. Gunny Sack Races 

Sack races are a classic kid’s activity, now easily played indoors.

5. Spider Web Obstacle Course Activity 

Build gross motor skills with this spider web obstacle course.

6. Tin Can Indoor Golf 

Careful not to swing too hard with this easy indoor golf activity.

7. 10 Fun Gross Motor Balloon Tennis Games

These balloon games are sure to be a hit with the whole family

8. Animal Charades

Play some barnyard charades with this fun printable.


9. Make a Balloon Racquet Game

With such simple supplies, you can probably already put this activity together!

10. The Put Away Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt requires no planning ahead and no costly materials.

11. Indoor Exercise Game

Roll the dice to see which exercise to do, and keep going until they’re finally tired!

12. Flashlight Games for Kids

You don’t have to have fancy laser tag equipment to make after dark a time of play!

13. Fine Motor Marble Race

Practice fine motor skills and get to burning that energy.

14. Sight Word Snowball Fight Activity

The most educational snowball fight they’ll ever have, but they’ll be too busy having fun to notice!

15. Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Bring the arcade home with this DIY skee ball game.


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