10 Outdoor Games That Can Be Played While Social Distancing

10 Outdoor Games That Can Be Played While Social Distancing

These outdoor games are social distancing friendly. Great ideas for getting outdoors with your kids and letting them safely socialize with their friends!

Social distancing is important right now. But just because your kids must stay at least six feet apart doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun with their friends! There are a variety of fun ways your kids can interact with their friends without the need to get too close. These 10 outdoor games are perfect for social distancing.

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outdoor games social distancing

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1. Kickball

Kickball is the perfect game for kids to play while social distancing! Since no hands are allowed while playing kickball, you don’t have to worry about kids passing germs back and forth.

They can simply kick the ball to each other without the need to get too close. You can play a game of kicking the ball back and forth or set up a full-fledge kickball field with bases. Just make sure the kids don’t get to close as they’re running the bases!

outdoor games social distancing

2. Simon Says

Line up the kids in distances of six feet apart, with one kid acting as Simon. Simon tells the kids different actions to do, starting the statement with the words “Simon says.” Each time Simon says to do something, the kids must do it.

But if someone does an action and Simon doesn’t say “Simon says” first, they’re out. The last person remaining gets to be Simon next.

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Ideas for Simon Says

3. Potato Sack Races

This classic field day activity is another great way for kids to have a little fun while outside. Lay out pillow cases or potato sacks six feet apart from each other. Let the kids get fitted into their sacks, then yell “go” to start the race. The first person to the finish line wins!

outdoor games social distancing


4. Flashlight Tag

While playing traditional tag may be out of the question right now, flashlight tag can be played while social distancing. Flashlight tag is similar to traditional tag – one person is it and holds the flashlight. The other players hide around the yard.

Instead of tagging with their hand, though, the person who is it tags another person by shining their flashlight on them. If someone gets hit with the ray of light, they’re it and the game continues.

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5. Egg on a Spoon Race

Another fun race your kids can do while social distancing is the egg on a spoon race. Give each child a spoon and an egg. Space the kids six feet apart, then tell them all to put their egg on their spoon. The kids must race to the finish line without dropping their egg to win.

outdoor games social distancing

6. Badminton

Grab your rackets and birdie and play a game of badminton in the backyard. You can easily play while spaced at least six feet apart. Just make sure not to share rackets to keep germs from being transferred back and forth as you play.

outdoor games social distancing

7. Water Gun Fight

If it’s still hot outside, a fun water gun fight is a great idea while social distancing. Fill up the water guns and squirt each other while staying at least six feet apart. Or make it a competition to see who can squirt their gun the farthest distance!

outdoor games social distancing


8. Hopscotch

With a little bit of sidewalk chalk, you can easily draw a hopscotch board in your driveway. Your kids can take turns jumping on the numbers or play a classic game of hopscotch by tossing a rock on the board. Wherever the rock lands, you must skip that square, making the game a little more difficult for older kids.

To ensure the kids stand six feet apart as they wait their turn, draw circles on the driveway that are six feet apart. While they’re waiting, they can stand inside the circles a safe distance apart.

outdoor games social distancing

9. Mother May I

Similar to Simon Says, Mother May I is another fun game that can be played while social distancing. Start by lining up your kids in spots at least six feet apart from each other.

One player will act as mother and stand at the front of the group. The goal of the other children is to make it to the finish line, where mother is standing. To get there, they must ask mother permission to move forward in different ways (big steps, baby steps, jumps, etc.). The first person to make it to the finish line wins and gets to be mother next.


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10. Freeze Dance

Crank up the music in your back yard and have a socially distant dance party. You can turn your dance party into a game by playing freeze dance. To play, make one person in charge of the music. When the music is on, everyone starts dancing as wild and crazy as they can.

But when the music stops, everyone must freeze. If anyone is caught moving when the music isn’t playing, they’re out and must sit down on the ground. The last person left standing wins and gets to control the music next.


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