How to Help Your Child Sit Comfortably While Using the Computer

How to Help Your Child Sit Comfortably While Using the Computer

Check out these great tips for how to help your child sit comfortably while using the computer. Great tips for school or really anytime they are on the computer!

If your child is distance learning, they’re probably using a computer much more often that they ever have before. And if your kid isn’t familiar with using a computer, they’re probably having a hard time adjusting to daily computer use. The most important thing to consider when your child is using a computer on a regular basis is their position while sitting. To help them sit more comfortably, consider these simple tips.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a concept used in office settings for decades, but you probably haven’t thought much about how ergonomics can affect your kids. Ergonomics uses anatomy, physiology, and psychology to arrange a workspace in a way that make employees work more efficiently. And since this concept is often applied to office work, it can be extremely helpful in making computer usage more comfortable for your kids while they’re distance learning.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

Placement of the Computer Screen

To help prevent neck pain and eye strain, the placement of your child’s computer screen is an important aspect of e-learning ergonomics. The computer screen should be placed at eye level, with their eyes pointing at the area on the screen two to three inches below the top of the computer screen. Additionally, the screen should be placed close enough to your child’s face that they don’t have to lean forward to see the screen.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

If your child is using a laptop or Chromebook, you’ll also need to think about the placement of the keyboard in relation to the computer screen. When typing, your child’s forearms should be parallel to the floor, with their elbow bent less than 90 degrees. To ensure the screen is placed at the proper viewing level, it may be a good idea to hook up an external keyboard to your child’s laptop. That way, you can place the screen at the correct height by elevating it, while still allowing your child to type comfortably on the keyboard.


You may also need to consider the use of books and papers in addition to computer usage. To help your child stay in the most comfortable seated position, consider using a book holder to keep your child’s textbook upright as they read.

Seat Adjustments

To achieve the proper screen and keyboard placement, you’ll probably need to make adjustments to your child’s seating. Most traditional desk or table chairs won’t work for a child’s smaller frame. This means you’ll need to make some additions to the seat to adjust the height for your child.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

Consider using an adjustable office chair. A chair that raises or lowers is your best option for a comfortable seat for your child. Simply adjust the height of the seat so that they are sitting at the proper level for comfortable eye and arm placement while using the computer. You can also adjust the armrests to a lower height. This will increase the lumbar support to give your child more back support as they sit.


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Add cushions. If you don’t have an adjustable chair at home, use cushions to prop up the seat for your child. Place one cushion on the chair’s seat for your child to sit on. Then, place a second cushion behind your child’s back to provide extra back support as they sit.

Use a child-friendly desk. Another great option for improving your child’s comfort as they work on their computer is to set up a kid-size desk in your home. If your child is sitting at a desk designed for their size, they’re more likely to sit comfortably as they work.


Think About Their Feet

In addition to thinking about support for your child’s back as they work, it’s also important to consider where your child’s feet will rest as they sit. Your kid’s feet probably don’t touch the floor as they’re sitting in an adult-size chair. So, it’s a good idea to provide their feet with support. To achieve optimum comfort as they work at the computer, your child’s knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle with their feet supported.

If your child’s feet don’t touch the floor while they’re sitting at the computer, provide them with a footrest. Find a box or block that is the correct height for your child. This way they can rest their feet on while they’re sitting in their seat.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

Take Plenty of Breaks- This will Totally Help Your Child Sit Comfortably While Using the Computer

No matter how many adjustments you make to your child’s work station, one of the best ways to ensure they stay comfortable as they work is to take plenty of breaks. Every 30 minutes, remind your child to get up and get moving to stretch their muscles and give their eyes a break. Active breaks are the best way to avoid neck and back pain stemming from increased computer usage. This will ensure you child stays safe as they work.

ergo tips for kids sitting at computer

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