6 Great Ways to Use Your Public Library This School Year

6 Great Ways to Use Your Public Library This School Year

With the school year upon us, you’re probably looking for ways to help your kids excel. There are a variety of ways you can help your child at home. You can create a homework command center to help your kids study when they’re having trouble for instance. There are also a number of resources available to parents outside the home.

A visit to your local public library is one of the easiest ways to assist your children throughout the school year. Here are six great ways to use your public library this year.

use your public library this school year

Finding Reading Material

checking book out of library

Reading is an essential part of every school day and it should also be an important part of your child’s home life. There is no better place to find reading material for your kids than the public library. Plan a weekly trip to the library so your kids can choose their own books. If kids read books that they choose vs. required reading, it makes reading more fun!

To ensure your library has plenty of your child’s favorite books in stock, talk to your librarian. They’ll be able to recommend new series or order additional books that may not be readily available at your library’s branch.

Help with Homework

help with homework

If your child is struggling in a particular subject, consider heading to your local library! Many libraries offer tutoring programs or homework clinics to help children who need more assistance with their school work.

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Contact your local library to find out what type of programs they have for additional homework help. If you want to help your child with homework at home, the library likely has books that can help with difficult concepts.

Computer Practice

computer practice

Computer literacy is essential for kids in today’s school system. But sometimes using a computer or particular computer program at home isn’t an option. If your child needs a little additional practice on the computer, visit your local library.

The computer lab at the library will have a variety of ways your child can become more familiar with computer usage, as well as get some additional practice. Some libraries even offer training programs for kids who need to use more complicated computer software. Contact your local library to find out if they have any additional computer learning programs available to kids in your area.

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Older children are often tasked with projects that require research, from detailed papers to oral presentations. Searching the internet to find information about their topic is a great way to start their research. But nothing beats the library for finding books on the subject at hand.

To make the most of what your local library has to offer, go to their website first. Many libraries now offer a searchable database of books available to them. If your child has a broad subject in mind, you can easily search by topic to get an idea of the selection of books at the library. Or if they need a certain book, you can simply search for the title to find out if your library has it in stock. 

But the best part about conducting research at your local library is the librarian. So, while searching the library’s website is a great start, heading to the library to speak with the librarian in person is essential.

In addition to finding books in the library to help your kids complete their project, the library can also order books from other area libraries on the subject.  That means your child will have everything they need to finish their research project all in one easy place.

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College Planning

college planning

If you have a high-schooler, you know how involved planning for college can be. From studying for entrance exams to finding financial aid and scholarship opportunities, there are so many things your teen needs to do to prepare for college.

Luckily, your public library can help! The library is home to a variety of test prep materials to help your kid study for the SAT or ACT. And many libraries offer programs and workshops to help families navigate the college planning process. Visit or call your local library to find out the type of programs available to your high school student.

Have Fun

have fun

Although there are so many educational uses of your public library, sometimes your kids need a break from the school setting to have a little fun. Luckily, your local library probably has a program to help!

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From story hour and craft time for younger kids to STEM activities for older children, the library is a great resource for fun (and educational) activities for your kids. To find out what your library has to offer, visit their website or give the librarian a call. Then, add the next activity to your calendar so your kids can have a little fun after a tough day at school.

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