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FREE Printable Student Planner for 2019-2020 School Year

FREE Printable Student Planner for 2019-2020 School Year

Do you feel the pressure of school crushing down on you already? It seems like every year we are entirely not ready to go back to school. At the same time my daughter is very excited to start the new year!

If your family is anything like our family though, by the end of the first week your schedule is already chaotic. How do you keep track of everything? Homework, reading lists, projects, special days?

This FREE Printable Student Planner, which is designed specifically for the 2019-2020 school year, is perfect to keep you and your kids organized this year!

free printable student planner

What’s in the Student Planner?

Well, this is an amazing FREE Printable Pack! It has 85 pages of planning printables that you can download as many times as you want (for personal use only please).

Here are some of the pages inside the planner:

  • Generic School Week Planner with a running list of things to do, notes section, and the school days of the week
  • A Daily Planner that begins at 7am and ends at 9pm. This page also has a daily to-do list area
  • Homework Planner that keeps tracks of tests and assignments. You can print out a page for each class each week if you want.
  • Study Guide with notes, vocabulary words, references, and teacher notes
  • Project Planner with area for ideas, instructions, notes, and material list
  • Lunch Planner with area for lunch and snacks
  • Grades Tracker– you can print out a sheet for each class
  • Reading List with space for Title, Author, date read, and notes
  • Blank 5-week social calendar
  • Blank 5-week activity calendar
  • From My Desk notes page
  • Year At A Glance 2019-2020 calendar
  • Monthly and Weekly Blank Calendar Pages for August 2019-July 2020

How should you use the student planner?

If you have younger kids, this would be an awesome student planner for parents to use to keep everything organized. And hey, it’s FREE! 

If your kids are older, you can print this out for them to use and keep track of their own assignments and calendar. 

Just print out the pages as needed (you could even print black and white if you don’t want to commit to color copies), punch holes and put the planner in an attractive 3-ring binder. Or, if you don’t want to print the entire planner out at once, just print the first month and keep the pages in a folder or loose leaf. You could even hang some of the pages on your refrigerator for reference!

The FREE Printable Student Planner is Available now for subscribers!

This awesome planner is available to subscribers right now for free! To download follow the instructions below and get instant access!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.