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8 Super Spooky Haunted Houses In Maryland For Halloween

8 Super Spooky Haunted Houses In Maryland For Halloween

If your kids are older, or you just want to get the pants scared right off of you, check out these super spooky haunted houses in Maryland this Halloween!

It’s that time of the year where things start going bump in the night and ghouls and goblins pop out of nowhere to scare the life out of people. It’s haunted house season.

With most haunted houses aimed at people 13 and older, parents will want to ensure they check out these places before allowing any younger children to visit. In the meantime, here’s a look at a few of the scariest haunted houses in Maryland.

haunted houses in maryland

Field of Screams – Olney

More than 40 acres of scary fun awaits you as you can stroll through one of four attractions, each with its own terrifying traps. Field of Screams originated in Olney before expanding to Washington DC and Ocean City. As each location offers its own take on fright, Olney remains the original fright zone.

haunted trails maryland

The Haunted Trail (field of Screams)

This spooky trail takes you through a haunted campground where it’s said that 20-somethings brutally came to their ends. Now, as you make your way through 13 stations around the campground, will you join them? Or do you have what it takes to make your way safely and bravely through the gore and frights?

As you walk through the campground, pay close attention to the area around you, with its terrifying look, you may not know what waits around the next corner.

The Trail of Terror (Field of SCreams)

The Trail of Terror takes you on a 30-minute tour of a haunted forest with spirit-inhabited houses along the way, as well as zombies and more scattered among the trees. 

haunted trail maryland

Slaughter Factory (Field of SCreams)

Come into this factory and make your way through an abandoned slaughterhouse where the owner had gone insane and added humans to his list of meat to grind. Navigating your way through the meat factory may not be as easy as it appears. Is the owner still around? Does he help? Are you alone? Are you next?

Enjoy a hayride through the cornfield. Nothing could go wrong, right? When it comes to Hades Hayride, you never know what awaits you during the ride. Evil spirits are believed to live among the corn. What other evil could be lurking in the country?

Fort Howard Haunted Dungeons – Fort Howard

Evil spirits are rumored to roam among the ruins of the former Fort Howard military installation and later medical center. Each Friday and Saturday from Sept. 27 – Nov. 1, creatures of the night will come out of the darkness to roam Fort Howard Park. In its nearly 40 years, the “haunted dungeons” have been scaring people of all ages.

Operated by volunteers, the annual haunted attraction continues to spook people by changing its stories annually. So, while this year’s theme is unknown until you arrive, you are sure to face a ghost, ghoul, zombie, demon, or worse, as you take a tour of the grounds, often in total darkness, led only by a guide with a flashlight (or are they something else?).

Will they lead you safely through the wooded area? Or will you meet your doom among the dungeons of the fort? Only time will tell.

haunted houses maryland

Markoff’s Haunted Forest – Dickerson 

For more than a quarter of a century, people seeking a Halloween-themed fright have visited Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson. Organizers offer a new theme each year to provide fresh scares, so you’ll never really know what you’re in for until you start that fateful walk through the forest. Ghosts? Zombies? Werewolves?

Who knows what will find you along one of the trails you can follow at Markoff’s Haunted Forest? The forest opens around dusk (about 7 p.m. ) Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 – 26, as well as Oct. 20, 27, 31 and Nov. 12.

The Nevermore Haunt – Baltimore

Edgar Allen Poe lived and died in Baltimore. Is it any wonder that Baltimore would be home to Maryland’s scariest haunted house? The Nevermore Haunt calls the Kauffman warehouse in “Old Town” home.

It’s a perfect setting for an attraction that could scare the famous author to death, himself. With actors portraying ghosts, evil spirits and more from 19th century Baltimore, possibly the scariest time to be alive for some wayward souls, The Nevermore Haunt is sure to make you wonder who the bell tolls for.

While the Raven may or may not be among the spirits lingering in the shadows, you’re sure to wonder what is. The 15-20-minute walk through attraction may be the scariest few minutes you’ll ever experience. In addition to the haunted jaunt, The Nevermore Haunt includes a sideshow just outside the haunted warehouse.

The Nevermore Haunt is open nights each Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 – 12 and then expands to Friday-Sunday, Oct. 18 – Nov. 3.

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Shocktober – Leesburg

Imagine visiting an actual haunted house. That’s what happens when brave souls enter the Paxton Manor for Shocktober. The haunted house attraction is in the lower rooms of a known haunted house, where real ghost hunters attempt to meet the spirits who call the mansion home.

With more than 32 rooms, the haunted house beckons you to investigate, only to determine if the ghoul you meet is fake or a true inhabitant of Paxton Manor. So, is your scare caused by an actor? Or by a true spirit? Only the house knows for sure. And it doesn’t want to share its secrets.  

haunted houses in maryland

With several haunted houses seeking to entice you for a scare, how do you know which are the best? Maryland is home to some impressive and truly scary experiences. These locations are among the best to visit for a fun and frightening experience. Remember, there only actors. Or, are they? 

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