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artsy partsy

Ok, full disclaimer– I am a huge huge fan of Artsy Partsy, a kid’s art studio in Pasadena, MD. This review is basically my love letter to one of the best places to take your kids in Maryland.

As a Maryland and mid-Atlantic region travel blogger, my family and I have been to hundreds and hundreds of places. Out of all the places we have visited, Artsy Partsy stands out as one of my absolute favorites (certainly in my top 10 for indoor play places in Maryland).

This review will tell you what to expect and show you why you need to book an experience at Artsy Partsy as soon as possible!

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How Artsy Partsy Works

Artsy Partsy

There are numerous experiences and events you can sign up for at Artsy Partsy. The easiest introduction though is Open Studio. The Open Studio hours and change or shift, but currently (2023) they are largely being offered on Friday evenings in 1-hour time slots.

To reserve a time slot for Open Studio just go to the website and sign up. Both kids and adults can paint and the cost is $18/painter. You can drop off kids 8+ for the hour. But really, why not plan a family night and paint yourself! Open Studio is meant to be a family bonding experience, so adults are encouraged to paint with their kids.

When you walk in there will be a huge wall of canvases. Just pick one that you would like to paint and the art coach/instructor will get you started. Each person can paint their own canvas.

Artsy Partsy

The art instructor will gather all the supplies for you, mix the paint if needed, and provide you with instructions and templates as necessary.

Everyone has their own table, easel, paints and brushes, etc… The individualized instruction is likely why the time slots are limited. The coach will give you tips on how to draw your design, tips on brush strokes to use, etc…

Artsy Partsy

After an hour the coach/instructor will package your masterpiece for you so it can get home safely.

We have done Open Studio many many times, and the wall of canvas options changes seasonally. That’s fun in case you had your heart set on something festive!

artsy partsy

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Seasonal Special Events

Artsy Partsy

I would definitely recommend signing up for the newsletter and following Artsy Partsy on social media channels, especially Facebook. That’s where special event announcements happen!

Seasonally, Artsy Partsy will hold numerous special events. Open Studio is mostly painting canvases. However, we have been at Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and more. These special events could include a canvas, or they could also include some other fun festive crafts!

Artsy Partsy

Just like with the Open Studio, the special events come with project instructions and ideas for inspiration.

And Artsy Partsy is not just for older kids. We have been regularly painting with Artsy Partsy since my daughter was 3 years old. Some of the projects really are geared for younger kids too and you will walk away with instant keepsake crafts to treasure for years to come!

Artsy Partsy

One of the other things I really love about Artsy Partsy is that the mess stays… somewhere else.

We love doing arts and crafts in our family, but I don’t always love the clean up part. There is no risk of a mess that’s too big here! The tables are a creative and beautiful chaos of paint. And as you know, there are no mistakes in art, only opportunities.

Artsy Partsy

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Mommy and Me (or Daddy and Me) Paint Events

Artsy Partsy

Over the years one of the most treasured experiences we have signed up for are the Mommy (or Daddy) and me paint events. Definitely follow the newsletter and socials because these unique paint events don’t happen as often as some of the other ones.

However, I still have these Christmas masterpieces and we display them every holiday season. This has become such a Mommy core memory for me.

Artsy Partsy

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Midnight at Noon and other parties

Artsy Partsy

One of the most popular and fantastic special events at Artsy Partsy is their midnight at noon celebration.

If you have younger kids, or even tween and teens, this is a fantastic way to ring in the New Year! It typically starts in the hour or so leading up to noon. And Artsy Partsy plans multiple art projects that are based out of each of their rooms.

When we have done Midnight at Noon in the past, the Spin Art was a huge hit!

Artsy Partsy

Isn’t this a cool concept? And.. wouldn’t you love to make this mess somewhere other than your home?

Artsy Partsy

Artsy Partsy’s Midnight at Noon celebration culminates in a countdown to the New Years and bubble blowing… which is just so adorable and fun!

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Classes and Summer Camp

Artsy Partsy

Artsy Partsy offers so many options for families. They really shine though in their dedicated camps and classes. We have sent our daughter to Artsy Partsy Art Camp for multiple years and the camp is just so well run. There are themes and each week the kids come home with 5+ art projects, plus side trips to bowling and more!

Artsy Partsy offers both homeschool art classes and evening classes on topics such as digital art, anime art, learning to sew, and more. Check out the website for updated information about classes that are offered and the start dates.

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Ms. Jeannette

Artsy Partsy

Ok, I told you this review was basically a love letter to Artsy Partsy. Well, one of the biggest reasons why is the owner/founder of Artsy Partsy– Ms. Jeannette.

Ms. Jeannette just has the most precious heart and she is one of the reasons you will want to return again and again to Artsy Partsy to make fun memories with your kids. Ms. Jeannette is passionate about art and even more passionate about teaching art to kids, parents, and anyone else who wants to learn!

Artsy Partsy

We first met Ms. Jeannette at a pizza painting party at Catonsville Peace A Pizza (oh, how I wish they would do those parties again!). During COVID, Ms. Jeannette pivoted to provide art kits and teach virtual art classes. And the entire art studio (but Ms. Jeannette in particular) are just so community and family oriented.

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The Studio

Artsy Partsy

The Artsy Partsy studio itself is just such a fun and warm place to hang out.

I really can’t recommend Artsy Partsy highly enough for a fun family activity in Maryland!

Artsy Partsy


Where is Artsy Partsy located?

Address: 8055 Ritchie Hwy Suite 302 Patriot Plaza 3rd Floor, Pasadena, MD 21122
Google Map Directions

What are the age requirements for Artsy Partsy classes and events?

There are class and event offerings for a wide range of ages and abilities from toddler through adult. Some classes may have an age or skill requirement, but there is typically a different form of that class/event that would include you and your kids.

What should you wear to an art event at Artsy Partsy?

Everyone who is painting needs to wear ‘mess-friendly’ clothes because much of the paint and art materials used are not washable.

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