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5 Reasons Fun Awaits at the South Germantown Adventure Playground

Inside: 5 reasons why oodles of fun await your kids at the South Germantown Adventure Playground!

As I caught a glimpse of my daughter sprinting through the parapets and bridges of the castle playground, I couldn’t help but remark at how long her legs were. Wow, just last year she needed help to climb the rungs of playground ladders.

And look at her now!

Stretching. Climbing. Lunging. My little girl was turning into quite the daredevil.

It was really sweet to watch her imagination come alive with play. She was a princess. She was a pirate. She was an explorer.

As her Mom, all I could really do was just stand back and let her play. She didn’t exactly need me to hover.

I probably should have been more distraught, but honestly, I was standing there in full awe of how much she was blossoming. I was absolutely in awe of my little girl.

I probably would have had this experience with any playground. However, both me and my daughter absolutely loved playing at the South Germantown Adventure Playground. Read on to find out why!

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south germantown adventure playground

1. Royal Castle Playground

The main part of the Adventure Playground is so awesome you will hardly believe it. It is an honest to goodness castle! There are tons of slides, towers and lookouts, swinging bridges, and climbing structures. Kids of different ages and skill levels will all have a blast on the castle.

south germantown adventure playground

2. Pirate Ship and lookout

But wait, there’s more! If you cross the ‘moat’ of the castle (beware of the sea dragon) and head towards the ‘Bay of Awesome Fun’ (I made that up.. it isn’t really called that), your kids can explore a Pirate Ship Playground as well! This great playground is perfect for new walkers and young toddlers, especially if the castle playground has a lot of bigger kids. The slides here are shorter and there aren’t a lot of drop off danger zones. Still, older kids will love pretending to ride the open seas as a swashbuckling pirate!

south germantown adventure playground

3. Bike Track, Climbing Wall, and Climbing Structures

Bring your kid’s tricycle! There is a rubberized blue track that rings the adventure playground. Along the perimeter of the playground there are numerous climbing structures too. There are a few animals that would be great for younger kids (my 3 year old loved the animals). There is also a great stand-alone climbing wall.

4. Swings

No playground is complete without swings! There are plenty of swings here, regular swings and toddler friendly swings. I also thought this disc swing was pretty cool. There are two of these swings at the playground.

south germantown adventure playground

5. Sound Garden

Near the swings, kids can make music at an outdoor sound garden. There are four musical instruments like drums or xylophones that ring a huge painting of the earth.


south germantown adventure playground

Know Before You Go

  • Based on reviews from Yelp and Trip Advisor, this park gets super busy on the weekends! It was empty when we visited, but it was also pushing 100 degrees outside. If you plan a visit on the weekend, you might want to go early or arrive after 4pm to avoid the crowds.
  • The park is open sunrise to sunset year-round. Also, this part of the park is free. As in, it costs you nothing. Sounds like a pretty great destination to add to your family fun bucket list!
  • There are restrooms located next to the playground at the decent-sized parking lot. There are also tables near the playground, which would be great for a picnic lunch.
  • Make a day of it! During the summer months, I highly recommend adding a trip to the South Germantown Splash Park. Click here to read my review of the splash park. When it is too chilly to swim outside, take it inside! The South Germantown Recreational Park also boasts an indoor swim center that looks like a ton of fun for kids!
  • For more information about the South Germantown Recreational Park, click here.

Whatever you do though, I highly recommend adding a trip to this playground to your family fun ‘must-do’ list. It is an amazingly fun place for kids in Maryland!

Thanks for reading!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.