These 8 Prince George’s County Imagination Playgrounds Are Hidden Treasures!

There are 25 Imagination Playgrounds in Prince George’s County Maryland. 25. That is a lot of playground fun to be had. A few years ago my daughter and I decided to challenge ourselves to visit all 25 and we were utterly amazed at how fantastic these playgrounds are!

In Part One and Part Two of this series I reviewed the first 17 playgrounds. This is Part Three (obvious I know) and I have to tell you that your kids would be absolutely delighted with almost all of the playgrounds.

Be sure to read to the end too because I have included a Google Map with all of the playground locations featured in this post!


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imagination playgrounds

These 8 Prince George’s County Imagination Playgrounds Are Hidden Treasures!

18. Frontier Fort Playground

This playground makes the perfect pit stop when you are out running errands or just want a solidly good playground for your kids to burn energy!

imagination playgrounds

  • This playground is located at the Good Luck Community Center. There is plenty of close parking next to the playground. Inside the community center you will find public restrooms and snack machines.
  • This playground was not super themed, but it is a great playground regardless. There are a lot of fun features here like spinning and climbing apparatus, slides, and both a big and little kid play area.
  • Next to the playground is a large covered picnic pavilion. There is also plenty of shade at this playground and places for caregivers to sit.
  • The Frontier Fort Playground is a little close to the road, but it isn’t too close, and a fence separates the playground from the road.

19. Viking Ship Playground

We loved the Viking Theme, especially the fact that you can actually steer the ship. Since this playground is hidden inside a neighborhood park, we felt like we were literally being let in on a great secret.

imagination playground

  • We really really loved the theme at this playground! It really does look like a viking ship and your kids will love letting their imaginations run wild
  • This is a great playground for little kids in particular. None of the play features are too scary.
  • There are swings for big kids and toddlers.
  • There is some shade at edges of the playground and benches for caregivers to sit.
  • One of the best selling points for the Viking playground is that it is located inside a neighborhood park, tucked away at the end of a sleepy street in a sleepy neighborhood. There are tennis courts and ball fields and walking paths.. and it is not at all crowded.
  • This is a very safe playground with line of site and parking next to the playground.
  • There is a nice picnic area on the other side of the playground as well.
  • There aren’t any public restrooms but there is a port a potty at the corner of the parking lot.

20. Nature Climb Playground

Such a delightful playground for a week day play date with toddlers and preschoolers. The natural play elements combined with actual nature make this playground a cool and relaxing retreat.

imagination playground

  • This playground is such a nice hidden treasure. It is a small playground, tucked away inside a neighborhood.
  • The Nature Climb playground is another playground that is perfect for younger kids. There are no swings but there are tons of natural/faux natural elements, like walking across a big boulder or climbing through a fallen log.
  • In fact there are lots of boulders– real and fake. Your kids will love the climbing. The playground also has some fun slides.
  • One downside is there are no public restrooms or port a potties. So, make sure your wee ones go wee wee before heading out to play!

21. Sports Fitness Gym Playground

Another solid bet co-located with a community center. This would be a great choice if you are playing with toddlers and older kids because there is literally something for everyone!

imagination playground

  • Like the Frontier Fort Playground, the Sports Fitness Gym Playground is not terribly themed, but it is a larger playground with loads of fun play features.
  • There are separate areas for big kids and toddlers.
  • There are lots of climbing features and a few fun spinning play features. And of course there are a few super fun slides.
  • The Sports Fitness Gym Playground has swings for big kids and toddlers.
  • Along the outside of the playground there is a fun sound garden, musical play features.
  • The parking lot is large and there is plenty of parking near the playground.
  • This playground is located at the Glenarden Community Center. That means public restrooms, water fountains, snack machines.. oh, and air conditioning.
  • This is a safe playground with places for caregivers to sit and decent line of sight.
  • A running track lines the outside of the playground too.

22. Safari Hut Playground

Another hidden gem. It is likely that you will have this lovely playground all to yourself!

imagination playground

  • This is a very secluded playground. It is so secluded in fact that I doubted the GPS knew where we were headed. It is a neighborhood playground and there is no close parking. You have to park on the street in a cul-de-sac surrounded by McMansions. But the park is there. Follow the walking path at the end of the cul-de-sac and you will see the top of the playground just over the hill.
  • This is a small playground with easy line of sight. There is plenty of seating for caregivers and plenty of shade.
  • The play area is perfectly safe and would be fun for big and little kids, with separate areas for both.
  • There are swings but only for toddlers.
  • One nice feature were the chess tables (which could also be used for a picnic) along the outside of the playground.
  • Play features included plenty of slides, climbing apparatus, spinning and balance features.
  • As with many of the smaller neighborhood playgrounds, there were no public restrooms or port-a-potties. So, make sure you go, before you go.
  • This was supposed to be a Safari Hut theme. It wasn’t really themed well, but the playground was still a lot of fun!

23. Pirate Ship Playground

This relatively hidden playground is older than most of the Imagination Playgrounds, but it still has loads of super fun play features!

imagination playground

  • Like the Viking Playground, the Pirate Ship Playground had a fun theme. This is an older playground; perhaps one of the first Imagination Playgrounds.
  • There are great play areas for both big and little kids with lots of different play features.
  • There is plenty of shade and benches for caregivers to sit.
  • Also like the Viking Playground, this playground is located in a small, quiet neighborhood park that you wouldn’t know was there.. unless you knew it was there. It is very quiet with plenty of open fields to run around in and walking paths.
  • This is a very safe playground (with one caveat) with easy line of sight. The caveat is that apparently there was a bee problem here in the summer of 2017. So, be prepared with bee spray? Or, maybe just pick a different playground.
  • There are port-a-potties at the edge of the parking lot and the parking lot is very close to the playground.
  • Lots of swings here, both for big kids and toddlers.

24. Green Garden Playground

Let your toddlers waddle around the little kid playground while your older kids navigate the challenging climbing apparatus.

imagination playground

  • This is a very small playground that is tucked into the middle of a cute neighborhood in Mt. Rainier. It is absolutely perfect for little kids.
  • But older kids will love it too– especially the climbing spine feature (like the Medieval Dragon Playground) and the balancing discs.
  • There aren’t a lot of slides except in the little kid play area, but there are swings for both big kids and toddlers.
  • A stone wall provides a great seating area for caregivers and there is plenty of shade.
  • Small kid area
  • Young kid swings
  • The only parking is street parking but the street is a one-way alley/narrow street in a sleepy residential area, so it is pretty safe.
  • Again, this is a small neighborhood playground so there are no public restrooms or port-a-potties.

25. Cat and Mouse Playground

Interesting theme and good for neighborhood kids to burn tons of energy.

imagination playground

  • The theme at the Cat and Mouse Playground is pretty fun. There are fun climbing walls for older kids, a cute preschool and toddler area, and plenty of swings.
  • However there is no shade (the sun is quite exacting on a sunny day) and the parking area is relatively far away. Technically it is inside the park, but the walking path is fairly long between parking and the playground.
  • We did not see any public restrooms or port-a-potties.
  • Honestly, there are 25 Imagination Playgrounds. This is the only one I would not actually recommend. It isn’t a horrible playground, but I didn’t feel completely safe here. This was the only playground I had this feeling at. That being said, if you live near the playground, I would definitely consider it as a decent option. It just wouldn’t be my first choice.

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