How To Never Miss Peak Bloom Of Your Favorite Flowers Again!

What if, years from now, you looked back at photos of your kids and instead of the same boring (but super cute) pictures in front of the fireplace or on the front porch, you had gorgeous iconic photos of your kids running through a field of tulips?

Or how about this? Wouldn’t it be great if instead of another weekend leaving you stressed out, you went on a hiking adventure with your kids to a nature trail with pink and purple azaleas overflowing on either side of you?

What if you were the friend who took drool worthy photos of sunflower fields and lotus blossoms as big as your head, as opposed to the friend who drools over the photos snapped by others?

Here is the thing about flowers. They are a little fickle. Most of the time, flowers, as well as flowering trees and bushes, have a peak bloom of about 2 weeks. That is it.

Most people will totally miss seeing their favorite flowers in peak bloom because they haven’t made plans to actually go and see them.

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never miss peak bloom of flowers

How To Never Miss Peak Bloom Of Your Favorite Flowers Again!

It’s totally understandable of course. I mean, come one.. we are all so busy! Between work, church, sports practice and music lessons, cold and flu season, and the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix, we are tapped out. I am. How about you?

But fantastic memories aren’t made watching the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.

Think about your favorite flower.

What if you knew ahead of time when that flower would be in peak bloom? What if you knew where to go to get the best photos, maybe have a picnic lunch, perhaps a place your kids would fall in love with?

Well, I am so excited to tell you that have spent the last 2 1/2 years thoroughly researching the best times and places to see flowers in peak bloom.

And I created this awesome ‘What’s Blooming?’ cheat sheet printable you can download now for FREE! It takes almost all the guess work out of knowing when your favorite flowers in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area will be at peak bloom, AND it offers a few quick suggestions for the best places to see them in all their glory!

Click here to download the cheat sheet now!

Why? Because spending a few hours walking around a garden, enjoying the serenity of flowers in bloom. That is a great way to have a fantastic day!

But when is the best time to see flowers in bloom?

Well, for many types of flowers it really doesn’t matter. However, for some flowers time of day and temperature are a major factor.

Then, of course, there is the human factor.

Here are a 4 quick tips:

  1. Try to visit early in the morning (opening time) or late afternoon/early evening. The light is better at the edges of the day. The crowds are also better.
  2. Avoid mid-day if at all possible. Why? The sunlight is at its harshest at mid-day and there are typically A LOT more people milling around. If you want a more idyllic experience, avoid mid-day.
  3. Cloudy days are great for flower watching. Also, don’t discount days where rain is in the forecast. The cooler temps can coax shy flowers to open up and preen a little more. Of course, sunflowers do love the sun.. so this doesn’t necessarily apply to sunflowers.
  4. Really hot days are not great for flower watching. Not only will you be uncomfortable, the flowers will likely not be in their best form either.

So, don’t forget to snag your FREE What’s Blooming cheat sheet, and make sure you are embark on amazing flower-filled adventures with your kids this year!


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