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10 Reasons Why The Playseum In Annapolis Is The Hottest New Maryland Indoor Playspace!

The Be With Me Playseum in Annapolis has so much to offer kids of all ages. Your kids will have a blast with tons of imaginative play options!

It was the pink wig that really made the outfit.

As soon as my daughter and her friend saw the stage… and then the large row of costumes against the wall between the stage their inhibitions were thrown to the wind. We couldn’t quite convince them to try on the wedding dress and get married… but tapping into their inner divas was totally a must.

So, they each picked out a dress and shoes… and then we saw the wigs. With the dress on my little girl was playing dress up. Once she put on the bright pink shaggy wig though.. she became a star.

And that was how the entire evening went. The kids were doctors and nurses rocking babies in the maternity ward, sailors fishing for magnetic letters, a DJ conducting an interview, a chef creating the perfect culinary masterpiece.

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There are so many reasons we absolutely loved hanging out at the Be With Me Playseum Annapolis.

(This visit was partially hosted. Playseum paid our admission but we added Playseum Dollars at our own expense.)

be with me playseum annapolis

10 Reasons Why The Playseum In Annapolis Is The Hottest New Maryland Indoor Playspace!

It is really hard to do the Playseum in Annapolis justice because there are just so many reasons we absolutely loved our time there!

1. 24 separate play areas

Yes, you read that right. For the price of admission, your kids can play in 24 separate play areas…. ranging across a broad spectrum of interests.

  • Pet Grooming Salon
  • Grandma and Grandpa’s attic
  • Great Harvest Bread Company
  • Construction Area
  • Radio Station

be with me playseum annapolis

  • Pit stop/car care area
  • Firehouse area
  • Groovy 70’s lounge
  • Orthodontist
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Chevy’s Tex  Mex
  • Supermarket

be with me playseum annapolis

  • Emergency Room/Maternity Ward
  • Lighthouse and rowboat
  • Drama dress up
  • Courthouse and jail
  • Soap making spa area
  • South Mountain Creamery

be with me playseum

  • Old Annapolis Tavern (my favorite and yours too if you are a history buff)
  • LEGO/STEM building area
  • Science Station
  • Bakery
  • Art Area
  • Wedding Chapel

be with me playseum


2. Tons of opportunities for dress up

The owners/curators of the Playseum have gone to great lengths to find exquisite costumes for pretty much every station. Kids can don a chefs hat in the Italian restaurant or Bakery. They can be the fireman, the police officer, the doctor, patient, or dentist. My personal favorites are the period costumes in the Tavern area. Seriously, your kids can pretend to be George and Martha Washington.. or at least Laura Ingalls Wilder.

be with me playseum annapolis

And this treat.. for real. Your kids can actually ‘get married’ in a wedding chapel. These little wedding dresses are so sweet!

be with me playseum annapolis

And of course… if you are going to put on a play, you must have a costume department fit for a diva! Check out that pink wig. Your kid could be princess Poppy!

be with me playseum annapolis

3. Super unique imaginative play features

Just like with the costumes, the care that went into selecting the play features for each of the city areas will blow you away. The Emergency Room has real crutches, a walker, a wheelchair, scale.. even urine sample cups (for real).

be with me playseum annapolis

The radio station comes with headphones, real microphones (not plugged in.. thank you. ha!), a mixing board, and everything you would expect a DJ to use.

be with me playseum

The two restaurant recreations are just spectacular. The Italian restaurant looks like a Bistro (or Bucca di Beppo). Chevy’s actually donated real salsa bowls and sombrero’s for kids to play with. In both city areas, there is an extensive supply of plates, cups, silverware, and play food specific to the kind of restaurant you are playing in. Kids can take turns making pizza or tacos and being the customer. Super fun!

be with me playseum annapolis

And yes.. the jail. Complete with bars, handcuffs, and an escape route. Al Capone has got nothing on this place!

be with me playseum

4. Fun for kids of all ages!

Most of the city play areas are appropriate for younger and older kids. Many of the play features are soft (for younger kids) but there are also areas that would interest and challenge older kids more. The South Mountain Creamery is actually a farm-like play area specifically for toddlers and younger. The lighthouse ladder is really only meant for older kids (or climbers).

Check out the details again! Who wouldn’t want to make a pizza with this set up?

be with me playseum annapolis

Such a fun and bright grocery store!

be with me playseum


5. Get creative!

I can guarantee that the Art Station will be one of your favorite areas of the Playseum Annapolis. Every day there will be a free art project geared to both younger kids and older kids. Also, there is sculpting material to play with and the awesome paint wall (they have a paint wall in their Bethesda location too and we LOVE it).

be with me playseum annapolis

If you want to do something more complicated, you can spend Playseum Dollars (see below for an explanation) to paint ceramics or wood, make jewelry, or more.

All projects go home with you that day and when we were there, Playseum employees (they should really be called camp counselors) were actually blow drying the ceramic paintings to ensure you could safely take them home.

be with me playseum annapolis

6. Have a treat!

Another great spot to use those Playseum Dollars is at the Bakery. For between $2-$3 your kids can decorate a cupcake or ice and decorate a cookie. For a little more your kids can actually ice an entire cake and do more complicated baking projects.

Of course, eating their creation is half the fun!

be with me playseum annapolis

7. Slime!

The Be With Me Playseum Annapolis knows their stuff. For instance, the Science Bar is basically an excuse to make slime… because… SLIME!

The Playseum staff indicated that they will also do regular science experiments for kids to enjoy. In addition to slime kids can also make their own toothpaste or grow instant snow. Very cool. All of these experiments cost Playseum Dollars (between $3-$6).

I will tell you that my daughter and her friend both said that making slime was their favorite part of the entire evening.

be with me playseum

8. Live animals

In the Pet Shop Grooming Salon play area kids can borrow stuffed animals and you know.. give them a bath and haircut (pretend). But one of the coolest things about this play area is that it is also the home to a couple of bunny rabbits and bearded dragons!

be with me playseum annapolis

Typically, every hour or so, Playseum staff will take out the animals and kids can actually pet them. So, so sweet!

9. Great toys and books for sale

In addition to the 24 play areas, the Be WIth Me Playseum Annapolis also carries a well curated and lovely selection of books and toys you can purchase. So, yes.. they are also a Children’s bookstore and toy store. But seriously…. none of their stuff is junky. They have a wide selection of Melissa and Doug toys, pretend play, costumes, unique games, and more. I loved perusing the book titles and the toys and books also mirrored the city play areas they were in. So, kitchen toys in the bakery.. for instance.

be with me playseum annapolis

10. Kid-friendly pampering

In addition to the Art Station, Bakery, and Science Station, kids can get a mini manicure or make bath bombs at the Soap Bar. Other pampering options (that take Playseum Dollars) include making lotion, sugar scrub, bubble bath, or lip balm. Pampering has never been so much fun!

be with me playseum

Know before you go:

  • Admission cost: $9/person for the entire day. You get a wristband so you can come in and out as you would like.
  • Hours of operation: M-Th 9AM-6PM; F-Sa 9AM-9PM; Su 1PM-7PM.
  • Location: Annapolis Mall. More specifically, park between Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn and use the main mall entrance between them. When you enter the mall, turn left and walk maybe 10 yards and the Playseum will be on your right.
  • Playseum Dollars: Ok– you don’t really need to get Playseum Dollars. Your kids will play their hearts out with all the play areas included in the admission cost. BUT– the Playseum Dollars are so much fun AND you can teach your kids about budgeting. We basically bought 20 Playseum Dollars and the kids could spend them how they saw fit at the various ‘bars.’ When we were done playing, we let them use the balance to buy a small toy in the store. It was a super fun way to teach budgeting… and we took home paint projects, slime, painted nails, and a decorated cookie!
  • Food: There are quite a few kid-friendly options in the mall area near the Playseum. On the outside of the mall near the Playseum there is a Noodle and Company and Pot Belly. Starbucks is literally across from the Playseum and next door is a small food court with options ranging from pizza and mac ‘n cheese to gyros, rotisserie chicken, and smoothies.
  • What’s nearby? I am not familiar with the Annapolis Mall (although with a Crate and Barrel I might become more familiar with them soon!) but we noticed a bounce house (ZBounce) right around the corner from the Playseum, as well as a fun mini aquarium… well, a fish tank… it kept the girls entertained for at least 15 minutes though.
  • The Be With Me Playseum originally launched in Bethesda. This is their second location. Both locations are super fun. You can read more about both locations and location specific information here. 


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