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The 16 Best Tips For Visiting Hersheypark With Kids

The 16 Best Tips For Visiting Hersheypark With Kids

Hersheypark can be the Sweetest Place On Earth, but not if you don’t plan well. Check out these top tips for visiting Hersheypark with Kids!

We have visited Hersheypark on our own and we have been hosted. These tips represent our unbiased opinion.

It’s called the Sweetest Place On Earth.. and it totally is. I remember visiting Hersheypark in the 80’s (yes, the 1980’s) but I don’t remember it being anything like it is now. 

Hersheypark isn’t just a day trip, it’s a destination. It can easily become one of your kids favorite destinations, making memories you will all cherish. But I am not gonna sugar coat this part– Hersheypark is a lot bigger than you think it will be. If you don’t plan well you could become overwhelmed, overtired, and honestly– that could ruin your sweet experience faster than a melting soft serve ice cream cone. 

Here are some tips we have discovered (some are happy accidents, some are accidental disasters) that can help you plan the best trip ever to the Sweetest Place On Earth!


hersheypark with kids

1. Hersheypark Sweet Sneak Peek

This. Right here. This is probably the biggest reason you don’t want to drive up to Hersheypark the day of your visit. Hersheypark’s Preview Plan, dubbed the ‘Sweet Sneak Peek,’ is included in your ticket price but you have to arrive the night before your big park day to take advantage of it! Basically, with your admission ticket you can arrive 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours before closing the night before. 

hersheypark with kids

We LOVED this perk for a variety of reasons. First of all, you arrive fresh to the park at like 7/730pm and see the hordes of park goers.. going the other way. Granted, the park isn’t empty… but it isn’t slammed. 

That means you can ride on quite a few rides that typically have longer lines during the day.

Plus, it’s cooler. Oh wait, you aren’t a fan of waiting in line for a roller coaster when its 90+ degrees and humid out? Check out the Sweet Sneak Peek! 

hersheypark with kids

Another reason it’s great to check out the park the night before is, honestly, the park is lovely at night. Many of the rides are lit up and there is a very festive, county fair-esque, feel to the park. 

And don’t worry about parking. At 7pm at night you will be able to get pretty close parking, and your parking is validated for the next day so you don’t have to pay to park twice. Sweet!

hersheypark with kids

We used our Preview hours quite well. We rode Comet– twice (woo hoo!), Reese’s Cupfusion (there was, inexplicably, a very short line), the SkyLiner, and Bumper Cars. The evening ended with delicious chocolate milkshakes and walked out of the park with huge grins on our faces. 

2. Pay for Premium Parking

Parking at Hersheypark will set you back $15. For an extra $10 (that’s it.. $10) you can park in premium parking that is ridiculously near the front gate. Sign me up! You might not think you want this little perk.. until 10pm when you and your kids are staggering back to the car loaded up with t-shirts and the world’s largest Hershey bar. 

Trust me on this one.. pay the $10.

If you decide not to pay for premium parking though, there is a tram (Hallelujah!) that will save your tired feet at the end of the day. 

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3. Height guide

The first thing to do, even before you enter the park, is figure out which height category your kids are in. There is everything from a Hershey Miniature on up to a Jolly Rancher (pretty sure that category is reserved for basketball players). 

hersheypark with kids

When my daughter was 5 she was a Reese’s and this year she was a Hershey Bar. That meant that she could ride at least half of the roller coasters. Goodness. 

Even Reese’s can ride a bunch of rides, including some of the super popular roller coasters like Comet and sooperdooperLooper, which goes upside down! Such a thrill for a 5-year old. 

hersheypark with kids

Note: If your kids are on the edge of a height category, they may not qualify for a few of the water slides on the Boardwalk, because the height for those rides are taken with shoes off. Just be prepared. 

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4. Plan More Than One Day

Ok, I am going to give it to you straight… you cannot possibly do Hersheypark in 1 day. You just can’t. Even if you had the park to yourself, I cannot see a way to go on all the rides AND have enough time to splash in the water at the Boardwalk. 

I highly recommend you plan for at least 3 days in Hershey, PA, just so you can see the major attractions. However, you could easily spend 4 or 5 days (you know, make a proper vacation out of it). 

If you only have one day:

Drive up the night before and go to Preview Hours. Then the next day pick either the Amusement Park or Boardwalk and just have a blast with one park. After dinner head to Hershey’s Chocolate World for more sweet fun and shopping.

hersheypark with kids

If you have 2 days:

Drive up the night before your first full day and go to Preview Hours. Spend one full day at the Amusement Park. The next day spend your day at Boardwalk, but plan to leave around 2pm (tell you why in a minute). Head to Hershey’s Chocolate World by late afternoon and wrap up your fun there by dinner time.

hersheypark with kids

If you have 3 days: 

Drive up the morning before your first full day and go to Hershey’s Chocolate World during the afternoon. Enjoy the park at night for Preview Hours. Then spend one full day each at the Amusement Park and Boardwalk. On the day you go to the Boardwalk, leave the park around 5pm and head into town for dinner or head over to ZooAmerica.

5. The Boardwalk

hersheypark with kids

You seriously will want to spend all, or almost all, of one full day in Hersheypark’s water park. It is ginormous! This is a great place for the entire family too because there is something for everyone, from babies to preschooler, grade-school age, teens, and adults!

hersheypark with kids

The downside to this amazing park is that it is super amazing.. and at some point EVERYONE in Hersheypark will be at the water park (or so it seems). Here are some tips for maximizing your time:

  • On your water park day wear your swim suits to the park.
  • As soon as you get through the ticket line (because you arrived at opening, right?), head straight for the Boardwalk. Grab a locker (you can keep it all day) and claim a few beach chairs where you think you will need them. I will repeat.. grab your locker first thing in the morning. The lockers get snatched up very quickly and this location (right next to the changing rooms and bathrooms) is uber convenient. 
  • This is where planning comes in handy. No one will mess with your towel if you claim a lounge chair. But there are a lot of water park areas, so pick your chairs wisely. If you have preschoolers or grade-school age children, I would snag a few chairs in front of East Coast Waterworks.
  • Unless you don’t care about crowds, plan to leave Boardwalk around 2pm. Why? Because after about 1 or 2pm on a hot day the park will get incredibly chaotic as everyone goes to the Boardwalk to cool off. 

This leads me to the next, very important tip—

6. Safety on the Boardwalk

Come up with a meeting point and check-in times for older kids. For kids age 9 or 10 and under, do yourself a favor and plan a little more, especially if you plan to go to East Coast Waterworks (which you will.. because it is awesome).

What do I mean by this? At 1030am, Boardwalk was a ghost town. We had the park to ourselves. It was sleepy. There was no line for any water slides… or Tidal Force. None.

hersheypark with kids

By 1pm though the waterpark was slammed. Wall to wall people. East Coast Waterworks was utter chaos. It is way too easy to lose your child inside this massive water play area (ask me how I know). If your kids are under 10 you either need two sets of adult eyes on OR tell your kids to come and check in with you after every time they go down one of the water slides.

hersheypark with kids

We did not do this and for about 10 minutes of sheer terror I could not find my daughter. It all worked out because we had a meeting spot. But still… between the water spray and tons and tons of people, planning a little extra goes a long way. 

7. Timing is everything– have a plan

Yes, you need to buy your tickets online before you get to the park.

Yes, you should consider coming to the park during the week. 

And lastly, yes, you should arrive at the park before it opens.

Ok, those are the obvious tips but they are so important. You will have to wait with a few hundred other people to get through the gate at opening. But the line goes fast and this is the only way to really maximize your time in the park. 

hersheypark with kids

When we visited (during the week), the parking attendant indicated that even during the week the park will get super crazy busy if it is sunny and hot out. Going during the week just takes the edge off. Tip: Some days of the week are better than others. For instance, Friday is likely pretty busy. Same for Monday (but not as busy as Friday). Tuesday-Thursday would be the sweet spot for crowds.

Note: I just checked reviews on TripAdvisor and that confirmed what I am about to tell you: Avoid planning a Hersheypark trip on a summer weekend day if you can avoid it. As in, you will likely not have a super sweet time. You will be waiting in horrible lines for everything.. and you will be stink pot hot. This is great advice for any amusement park. But for Hersheypark it seems especially true. 

hersheypark with kids

Another option is to go to Hersheypark before school lets out for the summer or right after it goes back. If either of these options are between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Boardwalk is also open. If you don’t care about the water park, the amusement park is open almost continuously on weekends from April through the end of the year. 

Regardless, on the day you go, walk to the back of the park and enjoy the rides at Midway America first. This also has the added benefit of getting your long walk out of the way before everyone is exhausted. 

8. Get the App

For planning purposes and honestly, for sanity saving purposes, download the FREE Hersheypark app on your phone. There are so many awesome features on this app. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ride Wait Times. You can even set up alerts for ride wait times.
  • Ride height restrictions
  • Leaderboards (reset daily) for Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer (so you can see how you do against everyone else in the park that day!)
  • Food and beverage locations– including which restaurants have gluten free items and which ones are on the dining plan.
  • An interactive park map– which includes restroom locations. 
  • Times and locations for character meet-n-greets.

9. Save Room For Dessert

Does this even need to be a tip? Ha! I mean, Hersheypark is the sweetest place on earth! Of course they will have mouthwatering treats! There are tons of options too from Dippin’ Dots to an Italian Ice Flight at Rita’s. Of course, Hershey’s milkshakes are amazing. Check out some of these Instagram photos of the delicious treats you can taste at Hersheypark:


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10. Stay Hydrated

Don’t be like me. I did not stay hydrated and I almost got really sick because of it. 

The heat and humidity at Hersheypark are no joke during the summer. Plus, you never know when a 20 minute wait could turn into 90 minutes in line for your favorite coaster. 

For $16.75 you can purchase an all-day drink deal in a souvenir cup. I would highly recommend this because you get FREE refills on fountain drinks and ICEE all day long!

11. Consult The Map 

You can look at the map on the app and you will receive a map when you go through the ticket line. I have included a screenshot of it below. 

It is worth a few minutes to get oriented. Hersheypark is way bigger than some other area parks. That can be intimidating and you can feel like you are walking around in circles unless you have a vague idea of where you are going. 

12. Make Your Park Plan Before You Arrive

This goes with all of the other tips about planning. Proper planning is essential. If you have kids or teens, you need to manage expectations and set limits before you enter the park. For instance, are you ok with waiting 90 minutes for a water ride that lasts 90 seconds? If the answer is yes.. knock yourself out (just stay hydrated). If the answer is no, agree to that beforehand and have a back up plan. 

hersheypark with kids

Same with eating and potty breaks. Make sure your kids know that when it is time to eat, it’s time to eat. Why do I bring this up? Because without a plan you will be tempted to keep riding rides until your are about to pass out from low blood sugar or dehydration. Planning is your key to fun!


Hersheypark has some amazing roller coasters! Actually, they have 14 coasters (including the water coasters) and there is a coaster for pretty much everyone in your family. 

There are coasters that will give you a heart attack.

hersheypark with kids

Coasters for young kids.

hersheypark with kids

Plenty of water coasters.

hersheypark with kids

There is even a coaster where two coasters go at the same time and race to the finish line!

hersheypark with kids

14. There are plenty of kiddie and family rides too!

Unlike some other parks like King’s Dominion and Dorney Park, the kiddie rides are not all co-located. This has the advantage of allowing families to somewhat stay together. Younger kids can ride age appropriate rides while older kids can ride coasters and thrill rides in the same area. 

hersheypark with kids

Of course, that means they are also not all centrally located. That’s ok though.. because there are over 25 kiddie rides (including the water park), which translates into a very fun-filled day for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Once your kid is about 5 or 6, they will likely be tall enough to try their first roller coasters too!

15. Go Up For Great photos!

Some of the best photos of the park can be had if you go up high.

hersheypark with kids

The two best rides for this are either the Hershey Kissing Tower (a ride to the top of the tallest tower in Hersheypark). Or, you can opt for the iconic Ferris Wheel, located at Midway America. I especially love riding the Ferris Wheel in the late afternoon or early evening when the glow of the setting sun illuminates Hersheypark in the most beautiful way!

hersheypark with kids

16. Don’t forget About The Rest Of Hershey!

So, you have been on Comet, gone down a few water slides. You drank a decadent milkshake and probably designed your own candy bar. But there is so much more to see in Hershey, PA and the surrounding area. If you decide to stay and play in Hershey, PA longer than a day.. or if you want more options for another trip to the area, check out these suggestions:

Where to Stay

If you are visiting Hersheypark with kids, I highly recommend Tru by Hilton Hershey. This amazing family friendly hotel opened up in June 2019 and easily earns by vote as a top family friendly hotel choice. 


The hotel is designed with families in mind. The lobby is bright and cheery. There are Foosball tables you won’t be able to pull your kids away from. They also have a game cabinet packed with kid friendly games and a limited stock of art supplies (crayons and paper). 


The rooms are comfortable. They are not packed with tons of amenities you won’t use. But the beds are super comfy, the bathroom has fun squeezable soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers, and the TV is big. Oh, and you actually have full control of the air conditioner in your room. So, make it as warm or cool as you want!


Tru by Hilton Hershey also has a fantastic pool and a 24/7 snack area that has tons of kid friendly selections.. and lots of Hershey chocolate (of course).



One of the things that makes this hotel really stand out though is the breakfast. Oh my goodness, the breakfast is delicious! Your kids will love the waffle boats, that come with 40 different toppings!


There are plenty of cereal options, fresh fruit, eggs (scrambled and hard boiled), typical breakfast meats and breakfast breads. You will not go hungry after eating here. AND– 40 toppings for your waffles. Your kids will LOVE that!


Finally, the location can’t be beat. Tru by Hilton Hershey is about 6 minutes away from Hersheypark’s parking attendants. That means you can finish eating breakfast at 930am and still be at the park for the grand opening. That is super convenient. 

You really can’t go wrong with a stay at Tru by Hilton Hershey!

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I enjoyed your post! I've been going to Hershey since I was a kid and I still like meeting the mascots. I agree you need more than one day! I wrote a post about it too

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