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5 Reasons to Get Your Dose of Happy From Burnside Farms Summer of Sunflowers

Burnside Farms Sunflower Fields!

Updated for 2019! Basically the update is that Burnside Farms has expanded their summer of sunflower to include not only 1, but 2 waves of fall sunflowers as well! How amazingly awesome is that?!!!

For all the latest details check out their site:

But for our review of these awesome sunflower fields, keep reading!

It was a good day to get a big dose of happy. My daughter’s birthday lands in the middle of August, which is typically stink pot hot in Maryland. It also happens to be when sunflowers are at peak bloom throughout the greater DC region.

So, to celebrate her special day, we drove out to Burnside Farms in Haymarket, VA for what I hoped would be amazingly beautiful sunflower fields, ripe for the picking. As we pulled into the dusty parking lot, I could already see the bright yellow flowers swaying in the gentle summer breeze.

Then, as we walked along row after row of happy, sunny faces, I couldn’t help but smile. Burnside Farms knows how to do happy. As an avowed lover of all things sunny, I was thrilled we made the trek out to pick from their sunflower fields!

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burnside farms summer of sunflowers

5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Burnside Farm’s Summer of Sunflowers

1. Unlike many sunflower fields in the region, you can actually pick and bring home these flowers.

Many of the sunflower fields in the region are planted for agricultural or other functional reasons. For these fields, you can snap photos, but you aren’t allowed to pick the flowers. These sunflower fields exist so you can bring the joy home with you!

burnside farms summer of sunflowers

2. There are numerous varieties of sunflowers.

Burnside Farms plants over 30 varieties of sunflowers, so there are a number of interesting photo opportunities. Also, because they know flower pickers will also want to snap pretty pictures, Burnside Farms supplies super cute props: chalkboard signs, pretty baskets, etc… They really do know how to do happy.

burnside farms summer of sunflowers

3. The fields are at peak picking for over a month.

Again, Burnside Farms knows that folks in the greater DC region are a busy bunch (understatement, right?). So, they stagger the sunflower planting to ensure there are gorgeous flowers to pick for at least 6 weeks. You can actually buy a season pass to the sunflower fields if you want!

4. Bring a picnic!

One of the features of Burnside Farms that I loved was that there is a rather large and shaded picnic area. There are numerous picnic tables under a shaded grove of trees. It is perfect for a picnic either before or after you go flower picking.

5. Have fun shopping in their whimsical market.

There are some really gorgeous and whimsical vases for sale in their tent market. The colored glass vases and painted mason jars were my favorites. Burnside Farms also sells homemade honey. Yummmmmy!

burnside farms

Know Before You Go

  • The Summer of Sunflowers will run from mid-July through the end of August. It will be busy on the weekends. I would suggest carving out time to check out their sunflowers during the week.
  • There is a charge for admission for anyone over 2 years old, but it is minimal (the website does not actually list a price right now. I will add the cost when they do). The price per stem is $1.50 for sunflowers, 50 cents for cosmos, and $1 for gladiolus.
  • There are port-a-potties but no regular restrooms.
  • Bring sunscreen and apply liberally. The fields are very sunny on a sunny summer day. You will melt. Ha!
  • You can purchase cold drinks and a few snack in their tent market.
  • They accept cash (of course) and all major credit cards.
  • Getting there: The address of the actual sunflower fields changes from year to year. Once the address is released I will post it here.
  • Click here for their website, which will have the most up to date information and tons of gorgeous photos to make you long for the heat of summer.

burnside farms summer of sunflowers

If you want some happy this summer, you must plan a trip to Burnside Farms! This place does a great job of happy.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.