The Importance of Making Mom Friends and How to Build Friendships That Last

How to Build Friendships That Last: Tips to Make friends with other moms!

As a mom, we spend so much time setting up playdates for our kids. But when was the last time we set up a time to spend time with our own friends? As a mom, especially a new mom, it can be challenging to keep in touch with friends.

Before we know it, we’re trapped in a cycle of Paw Patrol and dino chicken nuggets. While it’s essential to spend time with your kids, you also need time for friends too. Here is why making mom friends is crucial and how to build friendships that will last.

making mom friends

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Why mom friends are important

Mom friends understand what you’re going through

If you have friends who don’t have kids yet it can be hard to find a good time to hangout. They are almost on different wavelengths, and they usually don’t understand the sleepless nights and busy schedules. Mom friends get it. They don’t care if your house is clean or if you’ve changed out of your pajamas because they’ve been there too.

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making mom friends

Mom friends get when you need time with your family

It’s easy for people to drift apart when family time becomes your priority. Mom friends understand that this is part of the deal when you become a mom, and sometimes, it might mean you go a few months without speaking to each other. Your mom friends will still be there for you when you return, and you’ll catch up over a glass of wine without missing a beat.

making mom friends

Your kids will have someone to play with

Mom friends are great because they have kids! Regardless of the age difference between your kids, they will likely still have just as much fun hanging out with them. This is a double win for both of you because you can set up a playdate and be able to hang out too! This also means that in a pinch when you can’t find a babysitter, you may be able to call them up for a last-minute babysitter. Just make sure to return the favor.

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Building friendships that last

Set aside time each day for friendships

If you want to build a lasting friendship, you need to set aside time for your friends too. Set up a playdate with one of your mom friends, or just send a quick text while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. These little pockets of time will make sure that your mom friends feel loved without having to always plan your next hangout.

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making mom friends

Be yourself

It’s easy to go a little nuts trying to impress a mom friend you like. Perhaps her house is cleaner than yours, or her kids are so well behaved. The reality is that friends are there to be with you! She’s probably thinking the same thing about you! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and remember that she’s been there herself too.

You don’t have to give up your friends just because you became a mom. I hope that these tips will not only help you build lasting friendships but that you find mom friends who you love hanging out with.

making mom friends

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