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5 Simple Ways to Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

5 Simple Ways to Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

Start the year off right with these simple tips to get to know your child’s teacher!

Back to school time can be stressful for your kids – but it can also make you a little anxious! Sending your kids off to spend the day with a stranger is hard. But the good news is that your kid’s teacher doesn’t have to be a stranger!

Getting to know your child’s teacher can have so many benefits. From easing your mind as you send your kids to school each day to creating a beneficial line of communication, taking the time to get to know your kid’s teacher is essential. If you’re unsure how to create a relationship with your child’s teacher, consider these five simple tips.

get to know your child's teacher

Go to Orientation

get to know your teacher

If your child’s school holds an orientation or open house before school starts, go! This is the best time to introduce yourself and your child to their new teacher and get the ball rolling.

While this may not be the best time to have an in-depth, get-to-know-you conversation, it is a great time to meet your child’s teacher face to face. And in addition to allowing you to meet, you can also get a feel of his or her teaching style by taking a look around the classroom.

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Take note of the posters on the wall, the organizational style they use around the classroom, the types of books on display, and the way the desks are arranged. All these clues can give you a little insight into how the classroom will be managed throughout the year.

Get Contact Information

get teacher's contact info

While you may not have a chance to talk in depth with your child’s teacher during the open house, you can ask for their contact information. Ask them what method they prefer you to use if you need to contact them – email, phone, text, etc.

Wait until the busy first week of school has passed, then reach out with a quick hello message. Opening the line of communication at the beginning of the school year will make it easier to touch base if you have questions or issues later on.


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We all know how busy and overwhelmed our kid’s teachers can get throughout the school year. Taking the time to offer your services can be a big help for a busy teacher!

There are a variety of ways you can volunteer in your kid’s classroom throughout the school year. From stapling and sorting worksheets to cleaning out cabinets, any small task can be a big help during the school year.

And if heading to your kid’s classroom on a regular basis doesn’t work with your schedule, consider taking some time off from work on occasion to host a class party or chaperone a school field trip to get a little face to face time with your kid’s teacher at the same time.

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Talk to Your Child

talk to your child

Since your kid is the person who spends the most time with their teacher, they’re the best source of information! Ask your child about their teacher to learn more about their teaching and classroom management style. But don’t just keep the conversation on the teacher.

Taking the time to learn more about what your child is learning each day, the schedule they keep, and the rules they’re asked to follow during the school day can tell you a lot about their teacher, too. And in addition to learning more about your child’s teacher, you can also get some insight into your child’s learning patterns, the things they like about school, and the parts of school that aren’t their favorite. It’s a win-win!

Request a Meeting

request of meeting

One of the best ways to get to know your child’s teacher is to talk with them directly. Setting up a meeting is a great way to get the conversation started. Make sure your child’s teacher knows the reason for the meeting when you set up the appointment. Are you meeting for small talk or do you have a more serious subject to discuss?

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Either way, try to keep the meeting casual by bringing coffees or snacks to share. And keep in mind that teachers are busy! Make sure you keep the meeting quick and to the point. Start by making a list of items you want to discuss during the meeting so you stay on point during the discussion. And if you’re planning on bringing up problems or concerns during the conversation, attempt to include some positive points into the discussion as well.

Be Respectful

be respectful

After taking these steps to get to know your kid’s teacher, remember that respect and boundaries are key. Each teacher is a professional who knows what works and what doesn’t inside their classroom. Keep this in mind each time you have the urge to discuss sensitive subjects, like their teaching style or classroom organization.

Placing trust in your child’s teacher’s abilities will make it easier to accept their classroom rules and teaching style throughout the year.

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