5 Easy Ways To Be More Involved At School This Year

5 Easy Ways to Be More Involved at School This Year

Volunteering at your child’s school is a great way to lend a helping hand and be there for them during the school day. While spending time at school is beneficial to your kids, volunteers are also an essential part of the school day.

Parent volunteers are a huge resource that help each day run more smoothly. That means there are a variety of ways you can volunteer your time and expertise throughout the school year. If you’re looking for ways to be more involved at your child’s school, consider these five easy opportunities.

be more involved at school

Join the PTO or PTA

volunteer at school

Joining the parent-teacher organization at your child’s school is one of the easiest ways to become more involved. The PTO is often responsible for organizing fundraisers for the school.

They also provide assistance to the school’s teachers throughout the year. Joining the PTO is simple – just attend the meetings and sign up for activities. If you’re interested in joining, ask your child’s teacher when the next meeting is.

Volunteer in the Classroom

volunteer in the classroom

Chances are, your child’s teacher needs a little help now and then. Ask them if there is a way you can lend a hand in the classroom on occasion. You can make copies of worksheets, grade math tests, or a number of other opportunities to assist your child’s teacher throughout the school year.



Chaperoning is a simple way to be more involved at school. When your kid’s class travels on a field trip, parents are needed to help keep track of all the kids.

As a chaperone, you’ll travel with the class to their destination, then stay with a group of kids as they take part in the activities. Another way to chaperone at school is to help supervise in-school events, like dances.

field trip

Attend Events

Your child’s school plays host to a variety of events throughout the school year. From sporting events to musical concerts, there are tons of ways for the school’s children to show off their talents throughout the year.

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attend events

Attending these events is another great way to be more involved at school while showing interest in your kid’s activities. At these activities, you’ll get a chance to interact with teachers and administrators, as well as other parents. This is the perfect way to connect, especially if you can’t be involved during regular school hours.

Lend Your Talents

It’s likely that you have some skill set, whether in your career life or from a hobby you enjoy, that can benefit your child’s school. Using your talents to assist at school is another great way to be more involved.

read to kids

If you have graphic design skills, consider creating a poster for the school’s next fundraiser. Or if you’re great a creating fun voices for the books you read your kids, ask your child’s teacher if you could read to the class one day. No matter what talent you possess, talk to your kid’s teacher to see if there’s a way you can incorporate it into a volunteer opportunity at the school.

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Things to Remember

While volunteering at your kid’s school is a great way to get more involved, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Start with something small. If you have never volunteered at school before, start with a small task and work your way up. Whether you visit the next PTO meeting to help sort Box Tops for Education or chaperone the next field trip, these small tasks will help you get acclimated. This allows you to work yourself up to more responsibilities as the year progresses.
  • You can say no. Spending time at your kid’s school is a great way to bond with your child and help improve their school at the same time. But volunteering can also be a huge time commitment. Make sure you’re clear with teachers and administrators regarding the amount of time you have to donate to the school each week or month. And if something comes up that doesn’t fit into your schedule, don’t be afraid to say no!

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  • Take cues from your kid. While it may be tempting to dote on your child while you’re volunteering, it’s probably not beneficial to them. Chances are, your child will love having you involved at school. If you are worried about it, keep an eye on your child while you work to gauge their reaction. If they seem uncomfortable with you being there, consider looking for ways to volunteer that don’t involve constant interaction throughout the day.
  • Get feedback. On occasion, it’s a good idea to talk with the teachers and students you work with to find out if what you’re doing is helpful. Ask them what they need you to do to make their school day better, as well as things you can improve upon as you work. And don’t forget to be flexible and adapt to their requests each time you volunteer.

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