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6 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back to School

6 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back to School

Can you believe summer is about to come to an end? That means its time to get your kids ready to go back to school. If they’ve had a fun, relaxing summer, convincing them that going back to school is a good thing can be a little difficult.

From transitioning out of a lazy summer schedule to the anxiety that may come from a new year, heading back to school can sometimes be a little stressful. If your kids aren’t ready for the new school year yet, consider these six easy ways to get your kids excited about going back to school.

kids excited about going to school

Make Shopping Fun

make shopping fun

Build the anticipation of the first day of school by making back to school shopping an event. Start by getting your kids involved in purchasing their supplies. Make a list of the items your kids need for their grade level, and let your kids add a few items of their own that they would like to have.

Then, head to the store to grab everything you need for the upcoming year. Let your kids pick out the type of notebooks they want, a special pencil box, or a cool new backpack. When you get home with all the supplies, take the time to organize everything. Let your kids enjoy looking through the items they have, then place everything inside their backpack until the big day comes.

Pick a First Day Outfit

first day of school clothes

In addition to shopping for supplies, back to school time probably means your kids need new clothes, too. Bring your kids along to buy some new outfits and let them pick out a few things they want along with the must-have items they need.

Take the time to look for a special outfit they can wear on their first day, then hang the outfit where they can see it when you get home to keep them excited.


Create a Homework Space

homework space

Having a dedicated space to do homework will help your kids stay focused as they work. But you don’t have to wait until the year begins to create a homework area for your kids.

During the summer months, create a space for your kids to complete their homework and let them know what the space will be used for. Then, let them have a little fun decorating the area and adding supplies to the space they can use after school starts. You can even use the area as a crafting space during the summer months, allowing your kids to get used to using the area before they have to start doing homework there.

Do a Countdown

Kids love the anticipation of a countdown. Why not get them excited about school by counting down the days until their first day? There are a variety of ways you can create excitement about the first day through a countdown. 

  • Hang a paper chain with a link for each day until school starts. When your kids wake up, they get to remove a chain link for that day.
  • Create a back to school countdown calendar. Mark off each day with a big red X before heading to bed for the night.
  • Fill paper bags with a special activity idea, treat, book, or toy for each day until school. Every morning, your kids get to open the bag and see what’s inside.

Make the First Day Memorable

breakfast with Dad

Creating a first day of school tradition is a great way to get your kids excited about going back to school each year. And there are so many great traditions you can do for the first day! 

  • Make a big breakfast on the first day
  • Pack a special lunch on the first day
  • Take a photo of your kids with a sign that says what grade they’re in
  • Have a back to school eve party on the day before school starts
  • Go for ice cream after the day is over to discuss the day

The possibilities for fun are endless on the first day of school! And in addition to making the first day fun this year, these traditions will be something your kids look forward to for years to come.

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Connect with Friends

connect with frinds

Heading back to school means your kids will get a chance to see all their friends they haven’t played with all summer. If your child’s school sends out a class roster, connect with the parents of a friend in your kid’s class and set up a play date.

Playing together will surely spark memories of all the fun they had the previous year! In addition to giving your child a chance to reconnect with friends, a play date before the first day also ensures your kid has a friend in their class on the first day.

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