Make Your Own First Day Of School Time Capsule (FREE PRINTABLE)

Make Your Own First Day Of School Time Capsule!

Make this FREE First Day of School Time Capsule with your kids to track how they change over the year!

The start of a new school year is always an exhilarating time for kids! The year will bring many exciting changes and opportunities and the kids will grow a lot so this activity will be a fun way to look back on their school year.

first day of school time capsule

Why Make A First Day of School Time Capsule?

You don’t have to be a teacher to do this project. I actually love the idea of doing it at home for my daughter. When we make ours we might even invite a few neighbor kids over to make them with us! Why not make it a fun activity that everyone can have fun looking back at, and what better way than with a time capsule?
When I think of a time capsule, I think about burying a box for 20 years and digging it back up. You don’t really have to wait 20 years to uncover this time capsule though. If you ‘bury’ it at the beginning of school and ‘unearth’ it at the end of the the school year, this is a super fun look back for a school year to let the kids see how they have changed over the school year.

How Do You Make a Time Capsule? 

How does it work? Grab a shoebox, coffee can, or any box with a lid.  Let the kids decorate it and glue the label on your container. Now comes the fun part that the kids will get to take home at the end of the year!
Have the kids fill out the printables with their information? This is a great opportunity to talk about their expectations for the year and what they are looking forward to during the school year.
Once the sheets are filled out, have fun picking out items to add to the time capsule. Maybe add a label from their favorite snack, a small trinket, and a photo of themselves! Check out all the suggestions on the printable!

What do you do once the time capsule is made?

Every time capsule needs a proper sealing up ceremony. You might consider letting every student add a piece of tape, or maybe you can sing a special song while you seal it up! Then tuck it away safely on a shelf or in a closet until the end of the year.
At the end of the year bring it down and open it up. Your kids will be delighted to reminisce about the beginning of the year. If you included pictures, they will be delighted to see how they have changed in one short year.

Download the FREE Printable now!

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