The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas

The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas

If you want a vacation but you have to stay at home, this really is the ultimate list of staycation ideas. You definitely won’t be bored!

If you are stuck at home because of finances or quarantine, or any other reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun vacation with your family.

Sure you can’t hop on a plane to Disney World, but a staycation can be just as fun! If you are looking for a bunch of great staycation ideas you can do at home or in your local area, I’ve got a perfect list for you!

You can use these to help you plan the perfect staycation or give you some fun ways to spend your days inside. Here is the ultimate list of staycation ideas you can do from home.

The Ultimate List of Staycation Ideas

1. Stay the night in a local hotel. (for an at-home idea, try turning your home into a five-star hotel)

dunes manor hotel

2. Take an art class. (you can also find some classes online)

Check out these ideas for fun art therapy projects kids will love!

kid friendly drop in art places in Maryland

3. Go kayaking or canoeing. 

4. Have your own film festival at home.

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5. Go fishing.

6. Volunteer in your community.

These ideas are great for Earth Day or really any time!

5 love languages of children

7. Head to the park and go for a walk.

8. See a local performance. (you can find many broadway performances online)

9. Go for a crawl around your city (beer, food, etc.).

resolutions bring joy

10. Have a picnic.

Check out some cute ideas for a Teddy Bear Picnic!

teddy bear tea party

11. Go to the farmer’s market.

12. Have a household cookie swap.

13. Make a craft.

We love these craft ideas (especially for kids):

messy play date make marbled paper

14. Read a book.

easy self care ideas

15. Sign up for a new exercise class. (or try one online if you have space)

16. Try a new food recipe.

family fun free printable resource library

17. Get your DIY on and refresh a space in your home.

18. Go to a sporting event

19. Go to a water park. (or make your own water park experience at home)

hersheypark with kids

20. Go on a tasting tour in your home. (or create your own tasting at home by ordering A LOT of takeout)

21. Attend a festival or event in your hometown.

butlers orchard

22. Go swimming. 

greenbrier state park

23. Visit a local farm and pick fruit or flowers

The Sweetest Strawberry Picking In Maryland

24. Play a round of mini-golf.

old pro golf

25. Go antiquing. 

26. Head to the local pool.

home2 suites

27. Have a barbecue in your backyard.

28. Have a spa day at home.

29. Take a winery tour.

30. Go hiking on a local trail.

patapsco valley state park

31. Go to a play.

adventure theatre mtc

32. Pitch a tent in your backyard.

Excellent tips for backyard camping here.

family fun free printable resource library

33. Go stargazing.

34. Head to a children’s museum.

Port Discovery

35. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Here are some fun ideas for scavenger hunts:

36. Host a cooking night at home.

mom cooking with girl

37. Go out for a nice dinner.

38. Head to a drive-in movie theatre. (or have a movie night at home)

summer fun in maryland

39. Take a walking tour of your city. (or watch a video of a tour)

40. Be a tourist in your own town.

free things to do with kids in DC

41. Go to the zoo. (or check out one of the live streams)

42. Create your own Olympic games at home.

These are some excellent ideas for playground games that don’t require any equipment!

43. Have a house swap with a friend or neighbor.

44. Visit an aquarium.

national aquarium

45. Try PAINT-BALLING or laser tag.

46. Visit an amusement park.

dorney park

47. Go park hopping in your town.

48. Head to your local library.

49. Go to a space or science museum.

Inner Harbor Attractions for Kids

50. Go bowling.

summer fun in maryland

No matter what the reason for your quarantine situation, hopefully, this list will help inspire you to take a vacation from home that your family will cherish for a lifetime.

family fun free printable resource library


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