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The Benefit Of Routine In Forming Habits

The benefit of routine in forming habits

If you want a habit to stick, you want to do it consistently. Here is why there is tremendous benefit of routine in forming habits.

Another year is coming to a close, which means most of us are already thinking of new year’s resolutions to add to our to-do list for the coming year. Did you know that only 8 percent of people complete their new year’s resolutions?

This sounds pretty crazy, but starting a new habit can be overwhelming and sometimes unattainable. If you’re looking to start forming new habits in the new year, working them into a routine can help you stick with them! Here is the benefit of routine in forming habits!

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A routine schedules in your habits

Think about your morning routine. You have breakfast, brush your teeth, take a shower, etc. You make time for these things because you made time for a morning routine. By incorporating your habits into an existing routine, you can make sure that you are scheduling time to complete your habits.

By associating them with a specific time, you are more likely to make that new habit and form it. Even if you don’t have set times that you do your routines, having the structure can still help.


It’s easier to follow a routine

This one might be debatable to some, but a routine you’re used to is hard to give up. If you were to entirely skip your nighttime routine, your skin might feel oily from not washing off your makeup; you might not even feel tired when you go to sleep. If you skip your morning routine, you might have trouble waking up in the morning.

It’s easier to follow a routine because it becomes ingrained in your daily life. Rather than just hoping you’ll start making a new habit and hoping it sticks, it’s much easier to follow a routine that you feel weird skipping.

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Having daily routines helps us cultivate good habits

A routine is essentially just organizing your time to get things you’d like to accomplish. Having daily routines means that we can make that special time for good habits and keep ourselves from spending too much time on bad ones. For example, if you want to watch less TV, it can help have a morning routine that focuses on other aspects of your day to “fill your time.”

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Routines let you build in the important things

While you can, of course, use someone else’s routine to help inspire you to create your own, your routine is just that yours. It’s a way for you to build in the important things you want to accomplish in your daily life. Routines make this possible because you are planning out a section of your day.

While someone might spend 15 minutes in the morning journaling, someone else could be working out, doing housework, etc. Your time is precious, so using mornings to make sure you build important things is crucial.

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Forming new habits and routines go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other! If you’re looking to set ambitious goals for yourself in the coming year, don’t forget to add a routine or two to help make sure you get them done.


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