How to Organize Your Entire Life in a Notebook Using a Bullet Journal

Use a notebook to How to Organize Your Life Using a Bullet Journal

If you want to be more productive and effective, grab a notebook and organize your life using a bullet journal!

Have you ever wanted to check everything off of your to-do list and keep your life organized in one spot? There are so many planners out there that promise to keep you more organized and help you accomplish anything and everything at the same time. The reality is that there is rarely a planner out there that fits all of our needs.

This is where bullet journaling comes in. Bullet journaling allows you to have all your thoughts, plans, and everything in place in one small notebook. I’m going to show you how you can organize your entire life in a notebook by using a bullet journal.

organize life with bullet journal

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How it works

Bullet journaling might seem complicated, but it’s quite easy. Instead of traditional style journaling, you are dividing your journaling into a few topics: page numbers, bullets, and information. Your information and page numbers are documented in a table of contents at the beginning of your journal so you can find what you’re looking for, and your bullets are used to write down your information. You can jot down whatever you need, such as a task list or even a list of important dates.

bullet journaling

Create important lists in your bullet journal

Your bullet journal can be used to keep track of notes and other relevant lists that you are making. This could be anything from what episode you are on of the current show you’re watching to what you want to get people for Christmas this year. Using your notebook, you can keep track of all your different lists in one place, and have a quick and easy way to get to each one when you need it.

bullet journaling

Keep track of your schedule and calendars

You can use your bullet journal to keep track of not only tasks but your schedule and calendar. Write down what you need to do each day and check it off as you go. If you like to look at your month or week at a glance, create your own calendar by drawing in your journal. You can make this calendar function whatever way works best for you.


Track your habits using a bullet journal

This one is similar to a list but helps you keep track of things such as how much water you are drinking, and the habits you want to be practicing. Start by writing them down in your journal and create a tracker for them. Each day, go into your journal and update your progress. You can use these for any habit you can think of!


Remember to use it

A good journal is one that can go with you everywhere you go. This is why a bullet journal is so handy! Typically bullet journals are so small they could fit into your purse! A bullet journal is not practical if it’s not in use, so remember to take the time to sit down and journal in it each day.


Bullet journaling might not be the right fit for everyone. However, I have found that a bullet journal is so customizable that you can do pretty much anything with it!


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