10 Bullet Journal Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

10 Bullet Journal Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

A bullet journal can be used as a to-do list or a place to dump your thoughts, all the way to a place to write down and plan all the details of your life! Use these bullet journal hacks to get you started!

Bullet journaling can be a great way to relax, unwind, and even do a brain dump for time to time. Bullet journals can be used as a basic to-do list or place to dump your thoughts, all the way to a place to write down and plan all the details of your life! Here are 10 bullet journal hacks and tips that you need to know to get started!

bullet journal hacks

Make a Fold-Out Key to help you navigate easier

A Fold-Out Key will be way more useful than a table of contents as you will be able to find things a lot faster in your notebook. 

Get a notebook that is easy to carry with you

If you want to make sure you can actually write in your notebook every day or week, you need to have a notebook you can carry with you. If it’s too large, you will end up leaving it at home or losing it. Which will then make this notebook a complete waste!


Look up ideas on Pinterest for bullet journal inspiration

If you are in a creative funk or don’t know what to do for a certain page, look up ideas on Pinterest! You’ll find thousands of ideas for every kind of list or tracker you can imagine!

Use your journal to track EVERYTHING

This journal is only as useful as you make it! Use your journal to track everything from how much sleep you are getting and how many days you are eating out! If you make it a habit to track it in your journal, you’re more likely to stick to it!


Tape an envelope to the inside of your bullet journal

Whether it’s to hold washi tape or just to help you stay organized, keep an envelope inside your bullet journal. You may need sticky notes or other supplies that don’t really do well outside of the notebook.

Don’t make it too complicated

The more complicated you make your notebook, the more difficult it will be to keep up with. Keep it simple and straightforward and only journal the things you need to.


Use washi tape to make your own bullet journal tabs

Want tabs in your journal? Use washi tape to make your own! This will make it easy to flip around from page to page!

Set aside time for journaling

Bullet journaling is time intensive so make sure you set aside time each day to do some journaling. This way you can update your trackers and create new pages.


Use sticky notes to hold any temporary notes or information

Instead of wasting a page in your journal, use sticky notes for temporary notes or info that you need to hold instead of wasting a whole page.

Learn how to thread

One of the downsides of bullet journaling is that you can sometimes have similar info but on different pages in your notebook. To fix this, “thread” the numbers by adding a note on the bottom page number so you know there is more info on another page.


If you are bullet journaling, you will want to keep these tips and hacks handy to make your bullet journaling experience so much better!

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