10 Tricks To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

10 Tricks To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

If you are going camping but worried about getting really bad sleep, check out these 10 tricks to make tent camping more comfortable.

If you’ve ever been camping, you probably know how uncomfortable sleeping in a tent can be. Even if you bring a ton of blankets, it’s hard to replace your warm comfy bed. If you are looking to make tent sleeping better, here are ten tent tricks to make tent camping more comfortable.

tent camping more comfortable

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1. Keep the sun out

Sun is the enemy of comfort in a tent! If you hit the sun at just the right angle, you’ll end up blinded first thing in the morning! Make sure that you are mindful of this when setting up your tent, and when you decide to open your tent flaps to look at the stars.

tent camping more comfortable

2. Use an air mattress or blow up bed over a sleeping bag

If the ground is too hard, and a sleeping bag just won’t cut it, use an air mattress or bed instead. Even having a sleeping cot handy will be much better than sleeping on the ground.


3. Look for ways to add soft light to your tent

Soft light will be better on your eyes and make the tent experience better! Hang some string lights for nighttime lighting, and leave flashlights just outside the tent so you can easily grab them when you need them.


4. Head to bed in fresh clothes

I know that you’re camping and you’re outside whether in pajamas or real clothes, but it’s important to take the time to change your clothes before going to bed. You may not be able to shower, but you will feel fresher than if you go to bed in your sweaty wet clothes.

5. Get the right gear

If you’re not comfortable in your tent, it could be your sleeping bag or your camping gear! Check this before assuming that where you parked your tent is the issue.

camping equipment that goes beyond the basics

6. Sleep in the right size tent

If you are feeling cramped or don’t have enough space, you may need a larger tent. If you are sleeping with a bunch of smaller kids, you may even need a smaller tent than what the box says.


tent camping more comfortable

7. Start with ground cover

Before you put anything in your tent, make sure that you cover the ground. You can use foam floor mats, blankets, or anything. This will help add a cushion between your tiny sheet of a tent and the ground!

how to stay warm in a tent

8. Use blackout materials for napping and to avoid early morning sunlight

If you like to sleep in, consider investing in some blackout materials for your tent. This will ensure that you’re able to keep the sunlight out in the early morning or have little ones who need to nap.

9. Use a gear line organizer to keep things off the floor

Keep things off of the floor by getting a gear organizer for your tent. This can hang keys, lights, and even your shoes if you need to!


10. Keep food outside of your tent

This will not only keep the bugs away from your sleeping space but also ensure you aren’t stepping on crumbs in the middle of the night. Also, this is really a safety tip too. Wild animals will think nothing of nosing around in your tent area if they smell food. Don’t make it easy for them. Just don’t leave food out and especially don’t keep food in your tent!

As you can see, camping in a tent doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience! These tips will help ensure your next tent camping experience is perfect!

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