Five Ways to Help You Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Five Ways to Help You Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Don’t be caught scrambling at the last moment. Check out these five ways to help you prepare for the upcoming school year!

If you are like me, the start of school tends to catch you off guard every year and you never feel ready. This summer I am thinking ahead and came up with five ways to help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

Shop Early

If you’ve ever been school supply shopping the night before the first day of school you know how much of a nightmare it can be. Stress levels are high for both parents and students. Most schools publish school supply lists well before school starts.

You can usually find supply lists on school websites or in smaller communities lists will be left at stores like Walmart and Target. Even if your school doesn’t provide a list early, there are school supply staples that you know your child will need. Go ahead and get those so you can stay out of the hectic crowds.

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Prep Freezer Meals

Between homework and after school activities, evenings can sometimes be a madhouse and getting dinner on the table is hard. Do yourself a favor and cook some freezer meals before school starts. When you know dinnertime will be crazy, thaw a freezer meal the night before to alleviate some stress. One simple way to build your freezer meal stash is to cook a double batch of freezable meals. You can eat one that night and stash one in the freezer – it saves so much time!

Get Into a Routine

When summer hits, routine usually gets thrown out the window. A few weeks before school begins, start setting a stricter bedtime. Gradually ease your kids back into the school routine by progressively making them go to bed earlier. Try getting them to bed fifteen minutes earlier every few days until you are back to a normal school bedtime.

A week or so before school starts, set their alarms for the normal school wake-up time. This will make the first week back so much easier.

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Clothes Inventory

Take stock of your children’s wardrobe for the fall. Check to see what they’ve grown out of or what is worn out and will need to be purchased. Giving yourself time to purchase these items before school starts will allow you to shop for better prices and will hopefully give you enough time to find clothing that your kids will want to wear.

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Take a Vacation

The school year is hectic. Take advantage of the last of summer and book a vacation a few weeks before school starts. Intentionally taking time to relax and spend time with your family will help rejuvenate you before the busyness begins. It will be the perfect way to mark the end of the season.

Rest, relax, and enjoy the remaining days of summer, but don’t forget to prepare for the upcoming school year!

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