How To Leave No Trace While Camping

How To Leave No Trace While Camping

Camping is so much fun but you also want to be responsible. These are some easy ways to leave no trace while camping.

One of the fundamental rules of camping is leaving no trace. If you are new to camping or just don’t understand what this means yet, this guide will help make sure you learn how to leave no trace while camping.

how to leave no trace while camping

Check out these easy ways to leave no trace while camping

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Plan ahead of time and prepare

This doesn’t just mean what you bring with you, but also how you will store your trash and the belongings that you bring with you. Make sure that you bring trash bags, and have a plan for where you will dispose of them. Some campgrounds have a place to discard your waste, but have a backup plan just in case.


Camp in acceptable locations

There are hundreds and thousands of campsites all over the world. But, it’s important to know where you can and cannot camp. Before you set up camp somewhere, do a little research, find a nearby campsite, and know what you need to do to set up camp. Some places require a reservation, while others allow you to choose any campsite you like with no notice.

backyard camping

Properly dispose of your waste

Disposing of your waste follows principle number one of planning ahead. Trash and food can attract wildlife and even become harmful to the environment. Make sure that you dispose of your trash in a trash can if available, or keep it with you until you find a place to throw it away.

Don’t take anything that you didn’t bring with you

Don’t pick the leaves off of trees or bring sticks with you from the creek. Leave everything you did not take with you. Taking things from the woods can disrupt the ecosystem that lives there. You wouldn’t be okay if someone took things from your home after visiting, so don’t do that to their home!

Be careful with your campfire

Wildfires can start in an instant and without much time to react. Be careful with your campfire and make sure that you are following the rules of the campsite. Some campsites have dedicated areas where campfires are and aren’t okay. 

how to start a campfire

Respect the wildlife and those who call the woods home

This means that you should not only be respecting your own campsite and your neighbors, but to respect the wildlife that lives there. Do not pester animals or throw things at them, and don’t tear down their homes if you notice one in the wild.


Be considerate of other campers

Remember that in most cases you won’t be the only camper at the campsite. Do your best to respect noise levels and not be a bother to those around you. While it can be okay to say hi or even offer some of your leftover food as a kind gesture, respect that not everyone came to the woods to make new friends.

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These rules are a great thing to keep in mind while you are camping anywhere, but these principles are especially important when you visit campgrounds. Make sure that you keep these principles in mind whenever you go camping, and remember to leave no trace.

You’re all set to leave no trace while camping– now check out these camping resources too!


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