7 Super Effective Ways To Keep Bugs Away While Camping

How To Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Bugs are gonna happen but don’t let them spoil your camping trip. Try these 7 super effective ways to keep bugs away while camping.

One of the worst parts about camping is the bugs. If you are going to head out into the woods, it shouldn’t surprise you that you may encounter bugs while camping.

While you can’t completely rid your campsite of bugs, you can reduce the number of bugs crawling around in your tent at night. Here are a few tips to help keep the bugs away while camping.

keep bugs away while camping

Add a little sage to your campfire

Sage is a natural bug repellent that works great for keeping bugs away! Bugs don’t like the smell of sage, and the scent from the smoke will stay on your clothes and skin. This can act as a natural bug repellent long after your fire has burned out!

fresh sage leaves

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Don’t dismiss bug sprays or creams

Bug sprays work great as a means to keep bugs from biting you and away from your campsite! Don’t forget to pick up a few bug sprays to keep handy while you’re camping, and be sure to reapply often.

bug spray

Invest in a bug REPELLENT bracelet

If you feel like bug sprays don’t do the trick, try a bug repellent bracelet! You don’t have to remember to reapply, and you can keep the bugs off you while you’re hiking or hanging out around the fire.

Be smart about your camping gear

Tents and coolers can sometimes have add-ons or come with bug screens! Take advantage of these tools to help you protect your campsite from bugs, and keep them where they belong! If you don’t have a tent that comes with a bug screen, you may want to look into getting one!

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Keep the doors closed

This goes for your car, tent, or anything else that has a door. If you want bugs to stay out of your campsite, don’t let them in! This is a great first approach to limiting the number of bugs that ruin your trip. Once they get in, it will be much harder to keep them out! Keep your cooler closed when you aren’t getting something out, keep the doors to your car and trunk closed. Most importantly, keep your tent zipped up tight!

Keep in mind where you are camping

Where you are camping could impact how you need to prepare for your trip. If you are in a wet environment, you will need to do more to protect your campsite from mosquitoes. If you have the option, you want to camp in a high and dry environment! This will lead to fewer bugs and a better experience.

no bugs camping

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Candles, lanterns, and campfires

no bugs camping

These can either attract or keep away bugs from your campsite! Citronella candles are a great way to keep bugs away, while lanterns might attract moths and other bugs that are attracted to light. Before you turn on a light source, think about what it might attract!

no bugs camping

You can’t get rid of the bugs on your camping trip, but you can keep them away from your campsite! I hope these tips will help make your camping experience better, and keep the bugs away.


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