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The Absolute Best Camping Gear For Kids

The Absolute Best Camping Gear For Kids

If you are headed on a camping trip with your family, you will want to check out this list of the absolute best camping gear for kids!

If you aren’t a regular camper, or your camping gear could use a little upgrade, then you’re going to want to check out these must have items! These are perfect options for camping gear for kids, that covers everything you need!

From sleeping bags to where they will sleep in this list has it all! Plus, these would work for both boys or girls, so you can use these camping supplies for any of your kids! While your kids may sleep in your tent, or use your hiking bag, this gear will make sure that they are just as prepared as you are! Here are my picks for the absolute best camping gear for kids.

camping gear for kids

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1. Camping Sleeping Bag

This popular sleeping bag is great for 3 seasons and comes in a wide variety of colors– so everyone will be able to get a personalized touch!


2. Coleman Kids Mini Lantern 

This is the perfect lantern for kids because it’s lightweight and durable. Your kids won’t have any trouble seeing at night with this lantern!


3. Binoculars

High resolution and high-powered binoculars that are great for bird watching, outdoor games, and any time your kids will want to get a better view. Comes in different color options.


4. Outdoor Camping Trousers

These camping pants are quick dry (so useful) and can be worn as pants or shorts!


5. Kids Hammock

Your kids won’t mind quiet time in this hammock. Actually, they will probably beg to go lie down!


6. Explorer Kit

This outdoor adventure kit comes with everything! A crank flashlight, multi-tool, fan, magnifying glass, and binoculars! Perfect for ages 4-7.


7. Battery Operated LED Emergency Light

These are the perfect lights to hang in your tent or around your campsite so everyone can see better.


8. Marshmallow Roasting Kit

Don’t forget about S’mores! This marshmallow roasting kit is really a fun idea for kids and parents too!


9. Headlamp Flashlight

Your kids will certainly not get lost on the way to the latrine with this headlamp!


10. Glow in the Dark Armbands

These slap bracelets are a fantastic take on the glow-stick.


11. Natural Mosquito Repellant

I had never heard of this mosquito repellant but wow… it’s a balm, not a spray. DEET-free, all natural, and plant-based. 


12. Kids Hiking Shoes

This brand is our absolute favorite for kids (and the adult version is pretty amazing too!). 


13. I Spy Camping

This is a great game to play with kids that are young. This will totally energize them for camping!


14. Ultralight Backpack

Let your kids carry their own weight.. literally. Ha! But seriously, this lightweight backpack won’t be too hard for them to handle. It doubles as a cooler and stool.


15. Coleman Two Person Sundome Tent

This would be the perfect tent for backyard camping or if Mom and Dad want some privacy. 


16. Insulated Hydration Backpack

This is such a better idea than stocking water bottles. A great option for hikes.. your kids can sip as they go!


17. Kids Fishing Supplies

Fishing is such a relaxing activity. Why not show your kids how it’s done on the next camping trip.


18. Survival Compass

Teach your kids about directions and let them get comfortable using this amazing compass!


19. Kids Bunk Bed

This is such a great idea.. especially if you have a large family. 


20. Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Your kids don’t have to sleep on the hard ground. This inflatable sleeping pad is super lightweight and really easy to use!

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