10 Everyday Rituals that Mean The World to Kids

10 Everyday Rituals that Mean The World to Kids

A great way to bond as a family is with rituals you do together. Check out these great ideas for everyday rituals that mean the world to kids!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the big moments of parenthood. One day your child is riding a bike, and the next you’re teaching them how to drive their first car. While the tiny moments might sound so insignificant to you, they will mean the world to your children.

They won’t forget the walks after dinner or storytime as adults. Those will become cherished memories they’ll hold onto forever. Here are ten everyday rituals to do with your kids that will mean the world to them.

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Go for a stroll after dinner

After dinner, go out for a quick walk as a family. This can be a great time to catch up on the day’s activities and blow off some steam before cleaning up the house for the night.

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Join in their playtime

One of the things your kids want the most from you is to join in their playtime. This can as simple as just watching them play, all the way to getting on the floor and playing dolls with them. This simple gesture will speak volumes to your kids.

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Cooking meals as a family

When you go to prepare a family meal, get your whole family involved. Kids can help set the table and even stir a pot of sauce.

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Highs and lows for the day

This is a great game to play at the dinner table! Every person goes around the table and says their high point for the day and low point. This is a great way to spark family conversation and talk about what’s been going on in their life.

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Sitting down at the table as a family

People don’t understand how much kids enjoy having the whole family together sometimes! When you can, have everyone sit down together to enjoy a meal together.

Bedtime routine

Bedtime routines can be sacred to kids. While many will push their luck to get a few extra minutes of time awake, this can be a chance to bond with your kids. Reading them a bedtime story and helping them to bed is a cherished time for them.

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Bath times

Bath time might sound like the least exciting part of a day, but being able to play with toys and have fun can make bath time fun!

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Morning routine

Who says the early mornings can be a time to build memories! Get your kids together and have breakfast with them and even squeeze in some playtime or TV time before they head off to school.

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Read books out loud together

Reading a book together as a family is a great way to spend the day. Make it your goal to finish a chapter a day and read to your kids.

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Family time

Family time should be a part of every day, but this is sometimes easier said than done. Schedule time for family every day and keep it flexible. This could be going out for ice cream or just playing a board game.

No matter how old your kids are, these are amazing rituals to do with your kids! I promise you that these ten rituals will mean the world to your kids, even when they become young adults.

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