10 Easy Halloween Party Games For Kids

10 Easy Halloween Party Games For Kids

Halloween parties are almost as fun as Trick-or-Treating! Check out these fun and easy Halloween Party Games For Kids and your kids will have a blast!

Few holiday events come close to the fun of a Halloween party, whether it’s a school party or a party with friends and family. There is simply nothing like dressing up and playing games, collecting candy, and taking a stroll in the wonderful fall weather.

Whether you normally host or attend, Halloween parties are long standing traditions for many families. However, if you are planning on hosting the next family Halloween party, you’re going to want some games to keep the kids occupied.

No party is complete without games, especially if there are kids there. Following are some awesome Halloween games your kids can have a blast playing without breaking your back or the bank.

halloween party games for kids

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1. Halloween Musical Chairs

An incredibly simple yet fun game, musical chairs is sure to be a holiday hit at your party. The game is simple: set up enough chairs in a circle for each player and start playing your favorite Halloween song. 

At random times, pause the song.   The players have to scramble to sit in a chair or they are eliminated from the game. After each pause, remove one chair from the circle, making the game harder and harder as it goes on.



2. Pumpkin Bowling

With only a few gourds and a smaller pumpkin you can set up the perfect Halloween bowling alley. Simply find a flat area and set up 6-9 gourds upright in a pattern of your choosing.

Then, roll a smaller pumpkin and see how many gourds you can knock down. There are all sorts of ways to change up this game, making it perfect for parties.

halloween party games for kids

3. Pin The Hat On The Witch

A spooky twist on a classic party game, Pin The Hat On The Witch is sure to get fun and laughs at your party. 

Simply get a larger cut out of a witch without a hat and pin it to a wall or pin board. Then get a cut out hat and place a pin in the center. 

Blindfold the participant and laugh along while they try to figure out where the witches head is to pin the hat. You could also get a bevy of different props to pin on the witch such as potions and broomsticks.

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4. Ghost-Busting-Shootout

The object of this game is simple, with a dart blaster, shoot down disposable cups that have spooky ghost faces drawn on them. Players can take turns, compete for score, or compete for time.

Simply take a permanent marker and draw faces on a dozen or so disposable cups. Then have your busters stand a few feet away with a dart blaster and try to knock the ghosts down. 

There are all sorts of ways to position the cups for 1 or more players. This game is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party.

halloween party games for kids


5. Mummy Relay Race

This one is incredibly easy to do, and the kids will love it. Find somewhere with flat terrain to set up a start and finish line. Then have all the participants line up at the starting line.

Wrap the participants legs up in toilet paper before starting the race. Watch as all the racers bounce and jump to the finish line! Just make sure to clear the race area and have a few adults around so no one trips or falls.

halloween party games for kids

6. Guess The Candy Jar

This one is incredibly easy to do. Simply fill a jar up with candies, counting how many you add as you go. Then participants need only guess how many candies are in it, which they can write down on a piece of paper. 

The winner, or whoever guesses the number closest to the amount of candies, gets to take the jar of candy. This game is very simple, but sure to be a hit.

7. Pumpkin Decorating Contest

A classic staple of both fall and Halloween, pumpkin carving and decorating are fantastic activities for kids of all ages. Gather some pumpkins and some decorating supplies and let kids compete to decorate their pumpkins.

You can spice this up in several different ways, with the supplies you choose and the rules of the contest. For instance, you could choose a theme that participants have to stick to with their pumpkin.

You can hand out prizes or awards for different categories. If you plan on doing this with younger kids, you may want adult volunteers on hand to help cut the pumpkins to avoid injuries.

best pumpkin carving tips

8. Freeze Dance 

This fun game taks players with getting their dance on, until the music stops that is. Play some Halloween music and have all the participants dance, then stop the music at random intervals.

When the music stops, all players must freeze, whoever does not freeze in time will be eliminated. At the end of the game, the last dancer standing wins!


9. Wrap A Mummy

In this game, kids will take turns using toilet paper to wrap a player up like a mummy. Whoever can wrap up the mummy best wins. Make sure the mummy can see and breathe, but is wrapped up completely to win the game.

You can also add in challenges that the mummy must do, or add props that participants can place on their mummy.

Be prepared to play this several times because all of the kids will want a turn being the mummy.

halloween party games for kids

10. Hot Pumpkin

Like Hot Potato, kids will toss a miniature pumpkin around while Halloween music plays, when the music stops the player holding the pumpkin is eliminated.

As the game continues, it gets harder and harder to keep the pumpkin away from yourself. 

Repeat the game while eliminating players each round until only one player is left standing. 

halloween party games for kids

Throwing a Halloween party can be a lot of work, but it is so worth it for the kids and adults. Halloween parties are a part of the Fall traditions and festivities for families everywhere. 

The games on this list are very simple to make and do, but are sure to put smiles on faces. Look no further for the perfect game for your next Halloween event!

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