16 Halloween Book Character Costumes for Kids

16 Halloween Book Character Costumes for Kids

No matter what your child’s favorite book is, there is a great costume out there for it. Here are 16 Halloween book character costumes for kids!

If you have a little bookworm in the house, then you may not be searching for a Disney princess costume this year!

There are so many good books out there with amazing characters that would make a fantastic Halloween costume! While there is always the option to make your own DIY version of these costumes, sometimes buying them can be a lot easier!

Book costumes can sometimes even be cheaper than popular movie costumes! No matter what your child’s favorite book is, there is a great costume out there for it. Here are 15 Halloween book character costumes for kids!

halloween book character costumes for kids

Books your kids love!

Who wouldn’t love a little mischief? This Cat in the Hat costume is adorable and sure to elicit giggles from your kids!

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… For once, your kid can boss you around! Ok, maybe not, but they will love how smart this costume is!

Down the rabbit hole.. down, down, down! This is such a whimsical costume for any kid who fancies a Mad Hatter tea party or playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this costume is totally cute! Stuff that shirt full of straw and saunter down the yellow brick road!

Character costumes don’t just have to be princesses!

Oooh, Matilda’s teacher would be an excellent choice for the aspiring educator!

Up and Away.. in your underwear! Such a fun costume idea!

Click those heels together.. there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

What in tarnation’s is this? Daniel Boone in the flesh? Well, I…. ha ha. If your child loves history this costume would be a great idea for Halloween!

If only you could eat enough chocolate to get a golden ticket. Or, you could be lucky like Charlie!

I am not lying, this Pinocchio puppet costume is super cute!

Everyone’s favorite witch makes a sound choice for Halloween costume if you have a Harry Potter fan in your house!

Ok, we had to include one Disney princess on the list. But really, this story is even more delightful than the animated movie!


History based costumes can be fun too!

Rob from the rich to give to the poor. Just don’t let King Richard catch you!

Go play with all the Wild Things in the fun costume!

Your kid will surely feel like royalty if they dress up like the most famous King in history!

Aslan is such a beloved book character and this costume will make your little one very, very ferocious!

Check out these other Halloween costume ideas!

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