20 Spooky Science Activities Kids Will Love!

20 Spooky Science Activities Kids Will Love!

These spooky science activities are so much fun… your kids will totally get a kick out of them!

This Halloween why not nurture your kid’s inner mad scientist by doing some fun and spooky science experiments! These 20 Halloween-themed science activities are all so cool and your kids will absolutely be wow’d. 

There are loads of ideas here that would be great to supplement homeschool or even if your kids go to school outside the home. You can do these activities one evening or on the weekend for some Halloween fun. These science experiments would even be super fun for a Halloween party!

spooky science activities for kids

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1. Fizzing Eyeballs 

Eyeballs! Gross and cool at the same time (they aren’t real eyeballs).

2. Vanishing Ghosts 

Use packing peanuts for this fun activity.

3. Creepy Gelatin Heart Halloween Science 

Teach chemistry concepts with this gelatin experiment.


4. Witches Brew Potions 

These oozing experiments are always a favorite for kids.

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5. Spooky Expanding Ghost 

Use a balloon to demonstrate the properties of gas.

6. Pumpkin Volcano 

Exploding volcanoes. How can that be a bad thing? Super fun!

Activities Printable Bundle

7. Haunted Halloween Hand Melt 

This is a great salt and ice experiment your kids will absolutely love!

8. Ghost Bubbles 

Use dry ice to make these bubbles full of fog instead of air.

9. Halloween Peeps Science Experiment 

Peeps are not just for Easter. This is a super sweet science experiment for Halloween.

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10. Flying Tea Bag Ghosts 

This is a fun and simple experiment to make your tea bags fly. 

11. Skeleton Bones Activity

Teach your kids about human anatomy with this science-y activity.


12. Flying Bat Straw Rockets 

Attach an eye dropper to this cute printable to make your bats fly!

13. Creepy Density Activity 

A great experiment with density. You get to make a density tower.

Activities Printable Bundle

14. Witch’s Brew STEM Challenge 

Baking soda and vinegar make the best witch’s brew.

15. Candy Corn Volcano 

If you can make a pumpkin volcano, why not make a candy corn volcano?

16. Monster Lab Science 

Do the mash… the monster mash… or just mix up some cool monster-themed science experiments.

17. Halloween Science Brain Surgery 

This is a really cool experiment and biology lesson all in one!

18. Halloween Popsicle Stick Catapult 

Halloween engineering projects are super fun too!

19. Spider Web Science 

A great way to learn about spiders and their ecosystem.

20. Ghost Eggs Experiment 

These eggs glow in the dark and as so spooky!

Activities Printable Bundle

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