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Apple and Pumpkin Science Experiments Kids Will Love!

Apple and Pumpkin Science Experiments Kids Will Love!

Celebrate Fall with your kids with these super fun apple and pumpkin science experiments. So many fun ways to explore!

Nothing says Fall like apples and pumpkins. Pumpkin Spice, Apple Slushies, Pumpkin Picking and Corn Mazes. We love everything about the Fall! When the days get shorter and the air gets a little brisk, our family loves to get out and explore. 

Doing fall-themed science experiments is a great way to make memories with your kids. I have curated this amazing list of apple and pumpkin science experiments your kids will absolutely love. 

So, bring on the cooler weather and let’s explore everything we can about apples and pumpkins!

Apple and Pumpkin Science

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fall family fun activity bundle

1. Pumpkin Fizzy Experiment 

These little pumpkins have a little steam they need to blow off. Your kids will love to help them!

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2. Pumpkin Science with Printable Worksheet 

Once you’ve gone to the pumpkin patch, come home, print out this download and do some pumpkin investigation.

3. Pumpkin Decomposition 

What happens when a pumpkin decomposes. Check out this science experiment.


4. Bubble Science with Pumpkins 

This bubbly science experiment is a perfect way to combine Halloween science, fall, and so much more!

5. Pumpkin Investigations 

There are tons of simple science investigations your kids can do with pumpkins this fall.

fall family fun activity bundle

6. Apple Science Experiment 

This experiment focuses on how different liquids impact apples.

7. Apple Drying Experiment 

Will dried apples taste good? Your kids will want to find out for sure.


8. Apple Volcanoes 

This is a super fun way to make apples do a little exploding. Super cool experiment to do with your kids.

pick apples

9. Apple Rotting Experiment 

Which liquids will make the apples rot faster? Let your kids find out!

10. Apple Boats 

Making an apple boat is such a fun engineering experiment to do with your kids this fall!


11. Apple Investigation Using the 5 Senses 

Use all 5 senses to investigate the apple and find out why it is so unique.

12. Exploring the Inside of an Apple 

If you get a few different varieties of apples, your kids can compare and contrast them.


13. Making a Fruit Battery Using Pumpkins 

These gourds make some pretty neat batteries. 

fall family fun activity bundle

14. Pumpkin Solar System 

This is a cute concept.. using mini-pumpkins to recreate the solar system.

15. Levitating Pumpkin Experiment 

How in the world will the pumpkin actually levitate?

16. Pumpkin Elephant Toothpaste Experiment 

Elephant toothpaste experiments are always so shocking and fun. You have to do this with your kids!

17. Parts of a Pumpkin Labeling Pages 

Check out the entire pumpkin and really examine it like a scientist.


18. Can You Make Apple Seeds Dance? 

Maybe you should play some disco while these apple seeds dance!

19. Pennies and Apples Incline Plane Experiment 

Kids will use pennies as weights in this engineering experience.

20. Pumpkin Density Experiment 

Build your own pumpkin density lab with this experiment.

fall family fun activity bundle

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