Ferocious Monster Crafts Kids Will Love

Ferocious Monster Crafts Kids Will Love

These monster crafts are scary fun your kids will love to create! Check out these ideas… they are all super ferocious!

There is something about monster crafts that just makes kids smile with glee! They aren’t exactly ferocious, but they are super scary fun… and kids go crazy for them. Monster crafts have so many possibilities because there are so many creative ways kids can create their own monsters and then play pretend monster games. 

Halloween is the perfect time to do a monster craft… but that doesn’t have to be the only time. Really, monster crafts are good any time of the year!

I have curated this amazing list of 20 Monster Crafts to give you some inspiration. So, break out those googly eyes and pipe cleaners and have a blast with your kids!

Monster Crafts Kids Will Love

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1. Tissue Box Germ Monster Recycled Craft 

This germ monster will definitely encourage your kids to sneeze responsibly. 

2. Blow Painting Monster Craft 

Blow painting is such a fun art technique. Your kids will be delighted to see what kinds of monsters they create!

3. Monster Faces Craft 

A simple craft for young kids on a crafternoon. The googly eyes are the best!

4. Craft Stick Monsters 

There are so many creative options for these craft stick monsters.


5. Fluffy Yarn Monsters 

A soft and fluffy monster your kids will love to make.

6. Cupcake Liner Monster Stick Puppets 

These cupcake liner monsters are so adorable. Great puppets for pretend play.

7. Monster Toilet Paper Roll Yarn Craft 

You might be scared by these monsters, but not for long– they are really spooky fun!

8. Monster Leaf Puppet 

Collect some fall leaves and then have a blast creating these puppets.

9. Tattle Monster 

This is a great idea for helping kids have a safe place to express things that are hurting them.

10. Egg Monster 

I would have never thought to decorate eggs as monsters. Fun idea!

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11. Paper Plate Monster Craft 

There are so many fun ways to create monsters with paper plates.

12. M Monster Craft 

M is for monster! A great way to teach kids part of the alphabet.

13. Monster Suncatcher Craft 

These suncatcher monsters are really adorable. 

14. Headband Monster Craft 

A great idea for pretend play. Very ferocious!

15. Monster Hands Craft

A tactile hand craft that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.


16. Lowercase m Monster Craft 

Another great way to teach the letter M to younger kids.

17. Paper Cone Monster Craft 

The googly eyes and teeth on these monsters are so fun.

18. Paper Bag Monster Puppets

A classic craft with a scary fun twist.

19. Monster Collage Art 

Super simple to set up and great for a fall afternoon.

20. Paint Drip Monster Pots 

Similar to other paint drop pot crafts.. but with some fun monster flourishes.


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