20 Reasons to Skip Trick or Treating

20 Reasons to Skip Trick or Treating

If you don’t want to send your kids out to load up on candy, check out these fun reasons to skip trick or treating this year!

There are really a ton of reasons why you might not want to send your kids out trick-or-treating this year. Some parents cite safety as a huge concern. Others don’t really care for the idea of their kids getting buckets of candy. And some families prefer something more intimate.. a celebration with friends.

If you fit into any of these categories, here are some great ideas to still make your Halloween celebrations super fun!

Skip Trick or Treating

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1. Ghost Bowling 

Such a fun idea for some spooky Halloween party fun!

2. Printable Halloween Bingo 

This cute printable game will be a huge hit with your kids and their friends.

3. The Little Orange House Activity 

A simple craft activity even younger kids can do. Great for scissor skills!

skip trick or treating

4. Spider Web Maze 

A great activity for the back deck or even your kitchen floor.

5. DIY Cup and Ball Halloween Game 

Get some Dollar Store spiders and have fun with this game that works on eye-hand coordination.

6. Spider Invasion Game 

Trust me. This isn’t gross.. but it still has an ‘EWWWW’ factor because your kids will have to crawl through fake spider webs. Awesome.

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7. Pumpkin Chuckin’ 

You don’t need to make a mess smashing pumpkins. This is a fun twist on basketball.

skip trick or treating

8. Pin the Face on the Pumpkin 

Like pin the tail on the donkey, but Halloween-themed.

9. Glow in the Dark Halloween Board Game 

A great game to play with the lights off. 

10. Halloween Minute to Win It Games 

Minute to Win It is a fun party game any time. This version is perfect for a Halloween party.

skip trick or treating

11. Magic Broom Activity 

This is a really fun and unique activity to do with your kiddos.

12. Don’t Jiggle the Spiders Halloween Obstacle Course 

A fantastic obstacle course you can do inside and outside. So much fun!

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13. Print and Color Halloween Masks 

Fun Halloween printables for your kids this Halloween season.

skip trick or treating

14. Spider Race 

These spiders are actually totally cute and this is a super fun game for kids to play!

15. Halloween Eyeball Dig 

Ewwww! So gross! Ok, not so gross. Use play eyeballs and spaghetti for this fun sensory experience.

16. Zombie Blow Painting 

These zombies won’t bite your neck.. they are too cute. A fun art activity for kids.

skip trick or treating

17. Build a Spider Playdough Activity 

A fun but slightly spooky sensory play idea.

18. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt 

Check out this idea for a scavenger hunt. A great way to get your kids’ bones up and moving.

19. Pumpkin Patch Stomp 

Pop this pumpkin balloons for some great holiday fun.

skip trick or treating

20. Wax Resist Pumpkin Decoration 

This is an awesome alternative to carving pumpkins!

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