Fun Games To Play With A Pack Of UNO Cards

Fun Games To Play With A Pack Of UNO Cards

Play more games with these colorful cards you already have!  Great ideas for fun games to play with UNO cards.

UNO is a classic card game, but if you’re looking to mix things up a little, you can play some other fun games using a pack of UNO cards. One pack of cards can create endless possibilities and can be a great way to encourage your kids to be a little creative too. If you’re looking for some other fun ways to use UNO cards, here are some great ideas to get you started!

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fun games to play with UNO cards

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Go Fish

Go Fish is a really easy card game you can use with a simple deck of cards. However, UNO cards also work great for Go Fish! The Wild Cards can be removed from the deck, or you can use them as a sort of anything goes card! This is a fun game to play with younger kids and help them with number recognition.


Layout the different cards and challenge your family to see who can match up all the cards and colors first! You can do this using numbers, colors, or whatever other rules you want! For example, you can say that if you match two skip cards, the next player loses a turn! The possibilities are endless with this one, and you can make it as hard or as easy as you’d like!

Fast-Paced UNO

If UNO takes a little too long to play, try doing it at a faster pace! In this version of UNO, there are no turns. Whoever has the next card in order or a Wild can put down a card at any time. The goal is to be the fastest one to get rid of your cards! You can change up the rules and make it be the same rules as UNO but without turns, or even change what happens on a Wild.

Find It

This game is a fun way to turn a deck of UNO cards into a match-making fun game! Start by having each person draw a card. This card is your color. To win the game, you must gather each number in that color. The first one to collect them all wins! You can have each person discard the cards they don’t need when it’s their turn and allow the person who goes next to choose to either discard or pick one up.

Make card houses out of UNO cards

Use a deck of UNO cards to make card houses! While this one is not technically a game, it’s still fun to do with a deck of cards! I don’t know about you, but we don’t own that many packs of cards. However, we have plenty of UNO cards to go around! Use them to see who can build the most impressive house, or you can treat it like a game of Jenga! The first one to make the house fall loses! It’s a great way to think beyond a card game.

These games start by using a deck of UNO cards and will make your family want to break them out every game night!

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