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Fun Holiday Party Games for Kids

Fun Holiday Party Games for Kids

These fun holiday party games for kids would be perfect for a family game night or a kid’s Christmas party. Your kids will love playing these games!

Christmas is a magical and wonderful time of the year.  It’s a time when friends and families get together to have fun.  Whether you’re planning a school classroom party or a family party, these fun holiday party games for kids will have them giggling and having fun.

Some of these games are simple with little to no prep work.  These are perfect for when you’re waiting on guests to arrive or waiting on the final food prep.  You can use these fun holiday party games for kids to keep the kids occupied while they wait.

fun holiday party games for kids

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Stocking Guessing Game

This is best suited for preschool age children, but older children will still have fun.  Place small toys or Christmas themed items in a stocking.  You can use toys, a pinecone, a candy cane, a ball, or other small object.

Then have the children take turns feeling the stocking without peeking inside.  If they can identify what’s in the stocking, they get a point.  The child with the most points at the end wins the game.

kids can help decorate for christmas


Mitten Munch

Each child will need a pair of clean mittens.  Place the same amount of wrapped candy in front of each child.   The children will wear the mittens and unwrap the candy and then eat it or not, depending on the rules.

Even the child who doesn’t win will love this game if they can eat the candy!

Hershey’s Kisses are the hardest to unwrap while wearing mittens, so you may want to use an easier candy for younger kids.

Fun holiday party games for kids

Snow Blower

This is a fun game for little ones around preschool age, but older kids may still enjoy it.  Use a piece of blank paper and draw a finish line on it and tape it to a table.  

The children will blow air through a straw to move it across the table and across the finish line.  

Fun holiday party games for kids

Snowball Relay

A closely related game is the Snowball Relay.  In this game, children carry cotton balls on plastic spoons across the room.  Once they make it across the room, they will drop their snowball into a bucket and pass the spoon to the next person.

If a child drops the snow ball, they simply leave it and pass the spoon to the next person.  The team with the most snowballs in their bucket at the end of the game wins.

Stack the Gifts

This game can be fun for younger and older kids, depending on the shape of the gifts.  Wrap several packages of varying sizes with holiday wrapping paper.  Then the children stack them, and the highest pile wins.

For younger children, choose larger boxes with a uniform shape.  For older kids, vary the size of the boxes.  You can also wrap some oddly shaped boxes for an extra challenge.

Fun holiday party games for kids

Musical Chairs

This classic party game is popular with kids of all ages.  Place chairs in a circle, but use one fewer chair than there are children.  Then play holiday music while the children walk in a circle around the chairs.

When the music stops, the children sit in a chair.  The one without a chair is out.  Repeat and remove one chair for each round.  The last child to sit in a chair wins.

If you don’t have a lot of space or the chairs needed, you can make cut outs out of paper to attach to the floor.  


Pass the Present

This is similar to musical chairs, but the children will form a circle and pass a wrapped present around the circle while music plays.  When the music stops, the one holding the present is out.

They can pass the present around the circle or toss it to another player.  Tossing it to another player works better with older children, and it keeps their focus on the game.

Fun holiday party games for kids

Santa Says

Santa Says the same as Simon Says.  It’s a simple game, but it’s easy to do on the spot with no prep work.  It’s a great game to use when another game isn’t quite ready or you need a spur of the moment game for restless children.

Someone gives children directions saying, “Santa says”.  For example, touch your toes, hop on one foot, or touch your nose. Then give a direction without saying Santa says.  Whoever still follows the direction is eliminated from the game. 

questions kids have about santa

Present Game

Have each child bring a wrapped gift.  This can be a used toy that they want to get rid of or a new toy, but make sure it’s clear which one it is or a budget limit if there is one.

The children sit in a circle with the wrapped gifts inside the circle.  Choose one child to choose a gift from the pile.

The next child can take the gift the first child grabbed or grab one from the pile.  Play keeps moving in a circle.  Once everyone has had a turn, any children who don’t have a gift can take a present or choose one from the pile.  

Players can trade back and forth as many times as you’ll allow them.  You can also play that the children get to unwrap the gift as soon as they grab it.  

make a christmas eve box

Christmas Charades

Play this as you would charades, but all of the words or phrases should be related to the holidays.  Write the words or phrases on paper and place in a bowl.  One child grabs a paper and acts out what is on the card without using words.

Other players guess the word or phrase.  The person who guesses it correctly gets to go next.  Make sure all children have a chance to play.  

Wrapping Presents Relay

You’ll need an empty box, wrapping paper, tape, and scissors for each team.  For smaller children, you may want to precut the wrapping paper.

Each child wraps the box and then passes it to the next teammate to unwrap and rewrap.  Then rewrap and keep wrapping until all children have had a turn.  

With just a little prep work, the children at your  holiday party will have fun playone one or more of these fun games.  These simple games can easily be adapted for younger or older children, and even the adults might want to join in some of the fun. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.