The Best Family Movies with Good Lessons for Kids

The Best Family Movies with Good Lessons for Kids

Finding great movies for families doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some of the best family movies with good lessons for kids!

Instead of watching movies that don’t have a message, why not try a few of these great movie options? Not only will you find a great group of movies on this list, but you’ll also have an excellent plan for your next several movie nights too.

When you can combine a great movie with a good lesson, it’s a total win-win. After watching these flicks, make sure to talk to your kids and see what they thought about the movie as well. All of these movies open up the floor for conversations between parents and kids to happen.

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Here are some of the best family movies with good lessons for kids. 

Great family movies with good talkable points

All of these movies are full of great lessons and are also good for talking to the kids about them as well. 


The great part about this movie isn’t just the laughable scenes from Olaf. The bond that is highlighted between the two sisters is an excellent lesson in proving that the love between siblings is something that cannot be broken. 

Inside Out

This movie touches on emotions in a way that can really resonate with kids. As the kids continue to grow, they’re going to feel every single one of these emotions, and this movie can help them figure out the different reactions that can come from each one of them. 

Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory

What a great family movie. While this movie is full of fun points and silliness, it’s also a great way to show the kids that selfishness never wins in the end. This classic film does a beautiful job of promoting family, kindness, and hard work.  

Hidden Figures

Trusting in your instincts and never taking “no” for an answer is what this movie is all about. It also does a beautiful job of highlighting strong females in going above and beyond in the world of science.


If you have the ability to read the book, do so! But if not, this book is a great way to dive in and talk about topics that are real. While this movie will have strong emotions, it also promotes kindness and love as well. 

A League of Their Own

As we all know, there’s no crying in baseball, right? This team of star-studded female athletes leads the country in showing that girls can really do it all. From every strike thrown to every hit at-bat, this movie shows that women are able to take the field by storm and make a difference. 

All of these movies are not only super popular to watch, but they all do a great idea of helping your child work through big emotions and topics. Use these to talk about key points and growing pains that might be happening in their own lives. 

Which of these movies are you going to start with first?

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