Why You Should Have Family Rituals and How They Make You Feel Closer

Why You Should Have Family Rituals and How They Make You Feel Closer

Family traditions are great, but they may only come around once or twice a year. Family rituals can be practiced almost every day!

Whether it’s a bedtime or morning routine, odds are you have a few rituals that you do almost every day. You may not think they’re rituals, but if you were not to wash your face before bed like you usually would, or not do the dishes after dinner, it might feel a little odd. Family rituals don’t have to be crazy complicated, but they typically work the same way. This can be anything from having everyone at the table for dinner to who helps clear the table. Here is why having rituals can make you feel closer.

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why you should have family rituals

Add consistency to your life

Family rituals are unique to each family, but they do add something special to your daily lives. They provide a few constants in a really crazy world. While it might not sound like much to sit down for an afternoon snack and ask your kids about their day, these little special moments that you create as a family will add consistency that your kids could really use in their lives.

Cultivate connection as a family

Family rituals vary by each household, as I mentioned earlier, but they also make you connected as a family. These rituals are part of what makes your home feel like home and why doing your routine elsewhere or without someone feels so awkward. If you are feeling homesick while you are away, it may have to do with those family rituals that you left behind at home while you were away.

Establish wonderful family traditions

Family rituals are things that you do regularly, but they do not have to be something you do every single day. These could be certain things you do on a holiday or a certain time of year. If you always attend the state fair on opening day or kick off the summer with a beach trip, these are still family rituals. These family rituals become beloved family traditions that give your family a sense of belonging and are a fun tradition that your kids will look forward to each year.

Create a sense of identity and belonging

Many families struggle to come together, and some family members may even feel like an outsider. It’s these family rituals that they partake in that help give them a sense of what it means to be apart of the family and that they belong within that family. If you’ve ever visited your in-laws home, then you know just how difficult it can be to feel like you belong the first few times you visit. Family rituals become a strong part of your family’s identity without you even realizing it.

You may have realized by this point that you have family rituals that you didn’t even know about! I hope that this post has not only helped you create a few new ones for your family but that they help you feel closer as a family too!

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