How to Create a DIY Scavenger Hunt for Your City

How to Create a DIY Scavenger Hunt for Your City

You’ve been around your city, but have you ever explored it? Try a fun DIY scavenger hunt for your city with your kids!

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to explore any city you’re visiting! They can help you plan a vacation, or just make your own city a fun exploration! If you’re planning a scavenger hunt for your city, here are some tips to help you create your own DIY scavenger hunt.

Create a DIY Scavenger Hunt for Your City

Decide how long you want your scavenger hunt to be

You won’t necessarily plan how long it will take everyone to work through the scavenger hunt, but you should have a general idea of how long it will take. Don’t forget to take into account travel time AND how long it might take to both get and figure out the clues. Depending on who you are, making your scavenger hunt will depend on how difficult the clues should be. The more spread out the clues are, the easier they should be!

Select a time to start and end

When do you want your scavenger hunt to start? Where do you want it to end? These are two things that will impact your time. If you’re planning on having them stop in businesses or around town, make sure you leave them plenty of time to get everywhere before places close! If you’re planning meals or stops on your scavenger hunt, this will impact your time.

Plan your hunt

Now that you have the time and how long your scavenger hunt will be, it’s time to plan it out! First, decide how many clues you will do. How many clues you will need will depend on both the length and who you are doing them for. Start with the first clue in your hunt and the last clue. Where do you want them to start, and where do you want them to end up? From there, fill in the rest! Try and map your way around the city and make points for them to stop at. Those will be your clue locations!

Hiding clues and hints

Clues can either be virtual, or they can be something physical. The choice is entirely up to you! Just know that if you aren’t leaving them with a person, there is a chance the clue might disappear, or someone else could pick it up! If you are hiding clues at the location, it might be best to leave them with a specific person. Or use the place as the answer.

Leave room for flexibility

Leave a little room for adventure on your scavenger hunt! This could be sitting down at the restaurant they get to for a meal. It could be going into a place to shop, or it could be doing an activity! These things will make your scavenger hunt more exciting and more fun! This can also make it more of a bonding experience instead of a plain scavenger hunt.

As you can see, making your own scavenger hunt isn’t as hard as you think! It may take some planning, but no matter who you’re making it for, they will have a great scavenger hunt experience!

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